REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Energy interaction of reptiloids and humans)

reptiloids-and-clones-energy-interaction-of-reptiloids-and-humansGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will discuss the energy “design” of reptiloids and their main difference from humans.

They possess quite a different chakra system – a curtailed one.

Their subtle sense organs are limited to the four lower chakras.

The fourth chakra is the limit a pureblooded reptiloid can’t go beyond while perceiving the world around them.

Still, it differs greatly from the heart chakra of a human being and there are some reasons for that.

While human beings have this chakra connected with the higher Divine aspects – the third eye chakra and the crown one – due to which they are capable of Unconditional uninterested love, reptiloids’ love features acquisition and profit.

All their thoughts and emotions can’t go beyond the bounds of the programme they are connected to, that is PRACTICAL approach even to notions such as love.

This is why a clan structure is so typical of pureblooded reptiloids as well as dividing everybody into “ins and outs”.

They can love only those they are connected with in terms of energy at the subtle level, yet this love also differs greatly from love of humans.

Their love is that of an owner based on total submission of their beloved and control over them.

They can “love” humans as long as the latter are of any practical interest to them.

They treat humans in a condescending and even contemptuous manner because of their unpractical behaviour and regard it as foolishness.

At the same time they shamelessly exploit this “foolishness” of pure human souls.

In terms of energy reptiloid-human interaction looks like this.

A human being acts as an energy donor as they voluntary give reptiloids energy at the subtle level and fruit of their labour at the physical level.

Reptiloids take all these gifts for granted not even sending the energy of gratitude back.

In other words, they behave the way a master does towards their servants.

This is exactly the human interaction pattern that was initially specified by their programme.

Humans, on the contrary, initially had the Divine programme of Unconditional Love.

So, a pure human Soul, and especially the one that has overgrown the 3D world limits and raised its conscience up till the fourth and even Fifth dimension, lives according to the Divine Laws generously sharing with everybody around their knowledge, energy and Love.

And reptiloids shamelessly take advantage of these humans’ generosity and often misappropriate their knowledge, achievements and discoveries thinking they don’t even have to thank them in word and deed.

It has been like this throughout the history of reptiloids and humans living side by side on Earth.

But now the situation has reached its climax and humans should eventually learn the actual state of things and realize that there are some other creatures neighbouring them whose NON-Divine origin doesn’t allow them to live according to the Universal Laws.

Yet, humans shouldn’t get embittered with reptiloids or revengeful on them generating this way the energy they feed on.

You should learn to find a compromise dealing with them and, which is most important, to protect yourselves from these creatures preventing them from devastating you both physically and in terms of energy.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father – Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on December 27, 2018

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