transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-love-to-oneselfGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will focus on the third component of the Matrix of Ascension – Love to oneself.

It was spoken about a lot in my previous messages but today we will consider this notion more from the energy point of view.

To make it easier for you to understand the difference between the energy of Love to another person and the energy of Love to oneself, let us cite the following example.

Imagine two persons really loving each other – a man and a woman.

Their feelings are tender and sincere. They are based on mutual respect and understanding.

These are almost perfect relationships.

Meanwhile, each of them is a personality – strong and unique and, consequently, incapable to completely dissolve in the other one so as not to lose one’s individuality.

Their relationships are ruled by the energy of Love – Unconditional and Unlimited.

Yet, alongside with this each of them have Love to oneself as well. It is this Love that prevents them from becoming a featureless appendix of the beloved one living only for their interests and wishes.

This is the expression of respect to oneself as a personality – impressive and unique.

This is why they do not just love each other, they have keen interest in each other.

They have opportunity to plunge into the unexplored world of the dear person each time finding something new and exciting there.

Besides, a man and a woman are absolutely different universes featuring their own peculiarities, these universes study process being rather a fascinating one.

But let us come back to the energy component of these two types of Love.

They are almost identical in vibrations and the difference lies only in its manifestation peculiarities.

The energy of Love to oneself is gentle, calm, natural, familiar but at the same time it is this energy that is the pivot that enables one to remain oneself under any circumstances and keep one’s energy space inviolable.

The energy of Love to another person, especially to the one deeply loved, is sometimes expressed in vigorous fits, waves of tenderness and warmth, joy of possession and sexual desires.

This is an inexpressible gamut of feelings that is heard in human Soul as wonderful music.

And the music as wonderful can be heard in relationships between children and parents, grandchildren and grandparents, among friends and colleagues.

The main thing is that these relationships should be based on both Love to one’s close people and on Love to oneself.

You should find the golden mean in any relationships that will prevent any distortions of this or that kind from occurring.

In this case your communication will be full-blown – exciting and vivid.

Thus, Love to oneself is rather an inward energy, while Love to others is more an outward one.

So, the totality of these two components encourages the energy of Love generated by a person to reach the height of its glory and get transformed into a Divine one indeed.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 10, 2019.

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