LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Energy aspect of psychosomatics)

life-on-new-earth-energy-aspect-of-psychosomaticsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about psychosomatics but will study this phenomenon in a broader way from the energy point of view.

The fact that psychosomatics arose as a science or rather as an esoteric brunch, is great progress on the way to self-healing.

Of course, this knowledge is to be used by few so far because all their life people are used to searching for the causes of their illness wherever except in themselves.

That is why the use of psychosomatics in healing is now only possible with prepared people whose heart is open to new knowledge and whose intuition prompts that the causes of all one’s problems should be first of all searched for in oneself.

And today we will follow the way the energy chain works from the moment of identification of a psychosomatic reason of a disease to complete recovery.

Let us have a case study of a person who has cancer.

Let it be prostate gland cancer in this case that is quite common these days.

What is this gland responsible for from the energy point of view?

It synthesizes masculine force in all its manifestations or, in other words, it is the energy of masculine principle.

I have already offered you a series of messages on human feminine and masculine principles significance that are a guarantee of a person’s happy and harmonious life.

While the balance in this field being tipped in favour of either side is fraught with serious consequences – both psychic and physical ones.

And imbalance like this is a common sight at present since society itself imposes unnatural life values on people that ruin innate Divine principles of self-manifestation.

As a result of all this, men become womanly and women become manly thereby depriving themselves of the opportunity to feel their genuine essence to a full extent and enjoy what they are granted by nature.

At the subtle level it shows as a lock-up of most important vital energy channels.

Why does it happen?

Before all, because of the mismatch of human thoughtforms and vital functions of the body.

Since any thought is eventually material, that is, the energy it is imbued with gradually descends to the physical level, as a result, your body’s organ that is directly connected with it starts to be affected.

And sometimes it is not even a certain thought of a person but their entire style of behaviour inconsistent with the Divine programmes they initially feature.

In this case there begin to take place gradual changes in the energy of specific organs and even their biological composition, that is, the harmonious correlation between the body and the emotional background one finds oneself at gets interfered in.

You are likely to notice how womanlike gets the body of a man who has lost his innate masculine qualities.

And this is exactly a glaring example of energy imbalance of the body – the result of a man’s thoughts, emotions and actions being ill-matched to his inborn natural qualities.

But let us come back to the prostate gland cancer.

Classical medicine will name a lot of causes for it to arise but never will it mention the loss of inborn Divine qualities under the influence of deformed modern society that kills masculinity in men and femininity in women.

That is why the treatment includes surgical operation and chemotherapy.

A lot of patients recover though and even go on living for quite a while but ablation of this gland at the energy level results in destructive consequences indeed as it deprives a person of one of the most essential organs conveying the Divine code of the masculine principle and, consequently, makes one even more depersonalized.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 20, 2021.

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