summing-upGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to digress from our topic and talk about the current events on your planet.

The things now in progress on your planet can be called summing up.

For the last two years at the surface there has been rising all the foam – all the filth that has been accumulated for centuries both in terms of the shadow government that has stopped concealing their true plans and in terms of people whose conscience has become enslaved to the extent that they are ready to execute any most absurd instructions and orders of the authorities.

Now it is easy to trace who is who: see the “seamy side” of everyone both at the helm and the so-called the average man.

The military conflict unleashed in Ukraine that globalists are to blame for has become the “litmus test” that eventually made the essence of present-day authorities and common people apparent.

And the point is not even in who found themselves at which side but in the way people behaved to both the parties of the conflict.

While the marionettes of the deep state come out in a united front pushing their way through even at the expense of their own countries ruining, people respond to the events in a variety of ways.

Some people support their government’s actions, some others protest against them because their personal interests were offended and still others start to understand the profound processes now in progress on Earth and “tectonic” changes of all the world arrangement.

At first sight, it seems a theatre of the absurd, chaotic and surrealistic, but, as a matter of fact, this is how the very separating of the wheat from the chaff that we have talked that much about is taking place.

So now this process has reached its final stage.

Now it concerns absolutely everyone: the shadow government, its representatives at the helm, countries’ heads, the so-called oligarchs, each person on Earth irrespective of their nationality, religious and social identity or occupation.

Now your usual world is being ruined and the way each of you behaves in this situation will determine your further destiny.

Besides, what is at issue is not the destiny of the present incarnation but the destiny of the Soul this time: whether it will be able to move to the Fifth dimension with Earth being embodied or will go on running in circles being born over and over again in new bodies in the worlds of the third dimension.

Too many things are at stake but, unfortunately, few people understand it.

The great process of Transition is not being spoken about in the media yet that is why just a narrow segment of people know about it, as a rule, they are very old souls that have embodied on Earth to live through such a unique experience.

So, this segment, like a tiny brook, forcing its way to full-flowing rivers that fall into an ocean begin to get wider due to the people who have made the first step on the way to enlightenment.

The more absurd the ruling top’s behaviour, the wider the brook of the revived.

And no matter how absurd the current actions of the leading countries’ governments seem to you, they are playing in hands of plenty of people who thanks to it find their place in this advancing process of the old world’s overthrowing and the new world’s being started to arrange.

Look around and compare the things that used to occur two-three years ago with the ones now in progress around you, in your city and in your country.

Human conscience is swiftly changing, as a result of which the seeming chaos gains a certain order.

Now everyone is following the way that will bring them where their Soul has chosen, not their relatives, management or government.

The one who has chosen Transition will not turn off the road.

The newly revived are increasingly joining the general stream of the people heading for the Fifth dimension.

Those fast asleep go on believing everything they are told from TV screens expressing their discontent only when their personal interests are affected.

Thereby there begin to appear the enclaves of the people of a similar level of conscience ready to create a new structure of the society of the fourth dimension that is exactly the topic of my latest series of messages.

This process at the physical level has already been triggered and is gaining in strength every single day.

Natural selection of the souls ready for Transition is in full swing, and each revived Soul is making this Transition closer.

You create your reality yourselves!

Never forget about it, my dear!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 29, 2022.

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