REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Distinctive features of reptiloids)

reptiloigs-and-clones-distinctive-features-of-reptiloidsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Now I am going to innumerate the features you can trust to identify reptiloids in physical bodies.

While the high caste reptiloids have rather peculiar appearance and they can be easily identified by outward features ordinary reptiloids are very similar to humans.

You will be surprised but, as a rule, they are decent, law-abiding, sympathetic and sound in all respects “people” yet, too material-oriented.

Communication with them always boils down to everyday matters that they have the whole gamut of at their fingers and they can always give you some good “PRACTICAL” advice.

It is not uncommon that they get good education and are well-read and even erudite but since they are connected to certain programmes they are guided in all spheres of life and always follow certain rules and patterns rejecting in an aggressive way anything beyond the common and the generally acknowledged.

They are incapable of extraordinary solutions, illogical actions or doing the things they don’t benefit from, it means, they can’t BE GUIDED BY HEART.

They are mostly boring and featureless creatures commonly called “pain in the neck”.

They can have strong emotional ties to their family who they totally control and regard as their property.

There are a lot of atheists among them, as God is something abstract and their practical mind can’t accept the fact of His existence with no scientifically grounded facts.

But religious fanatics are also numerous among them.

It happens to those brought up under strict religious traditions, which means they have been connected to a certain religious egregor since childhood.

This egregor turns into one more programme governing their conscience that makes them still more impersonalized.

Typically, they ritualize their faith since they lack a Divine Soul, which results in their inability to perceive God by heart.

Reptiloids have a well-developed Ego. They love themselves very much and care for their health. They demand too much attention from people, especially from their family and friends, so they choose those ready to serve them as their spouse.

That is why two reptiloids seldom get well along with each other. By intuition they choose a human being as their partner who is ready to sacrifice and satisfy all the reptiloid’s needs.

As far as outward features are concerned, reptiloids can be identified by their eyes.

Their eyes lack the Divine light human eyes irradiate as well as a range of emotional shades they have: tender, affectionate, sad, naughty, playful…

For the most part, reptiloids’ eyes are dull and insipid even when they smile or laugh.

Their movements lack the grace typical of humans.

Their behaviour and gestures are standard just the way their thoughts and emotions are.

The programme implanted in them shows in everything.

It is impossible to say about reptiloids that they are interesting, bright or outstanding personalities.

More often they are ordinary, standard and dull.

Reptiloids are sure to have changed for many incarnations in human bodies but they keep their major features unchanged being connected to one and the same programme designed by their superiors.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father – Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on December 18, 2018

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