REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Human reptiloids)

reptiloigs-and-clones-human-reptiloidsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about reptiloids and this time we will discuss what kind of children are born in mixed marriages of human beings and reptiloids.

The most essential thing here is the emotions both the spouses have at the moment of conception of their child.

If a child is made in love that some reptiloids, who reincarnated in human bodies many times, are still capable of, then a child will be a valid human being with a Divine Soul.

If it is a violent conception or it is a reptiloids who strives for this not a human being, then there arrives a reptiloid.

It is a common case that spouses have even relations with no apparent affection manifestation and there arrive half-breeds, it means humans inhabited by two souls: a Divine human Soul and that of a reptiloid that lacks the Divine origin.

And the number of half-humans and half-reptiloids is huge on Earth nowadays.

It is them who represent the overwhelming majority of population that follow a certain life-style patterns implanted by their reptiloid parent.

And many feel this. This where the expression that any human is simultaneously “the son of God and the son of the devil” comes from.

In truth, not any human but only those whose souls find themselves in such unnatural situation.

At the physical level it is reflected in their behaviour swings – they are always being torn apart by contradicting thoughts, emotions and actions.

Their spiritual impulses are suppressed by “reasonable” considerations, for they are arena of never-ceasing confrontation of the Divine and the material.

The reason for this is that the reptiloid part of their being can exist only by means of MIND while their Divine part is eager to be guided by HEART.

And few are those who are able to bring the two parts to harmony, let alone to evict the reptiloid soul out from the physical body.

So, a lot depends on the relations a child has with their parents and whose influence is dominating: reptiloid’s or human’s one.

And if a reptiloid is fully in charge of the bringing up they will make their copy of their child evicting their Divine Soul.

If a pure lofty soul of a human parent tackles the problem of bringing up and development the reptiloid could be evicted from the child’s body because it would be unable to exist in the high frequency vibrations of the human Soul.

But, unfortunately, my dear ones, this sacred process is so complicated with numerous shades depending on a variety of circumstances that is not easy to reduce it to a common denominator.

The confrontation in a human body can go on as long as one lives or can end with an impetuous victory of one of them.

And the reason why I focus on this is to let you know how complicated is the world you live in and how much depends on you.

You can rescue even those who are half-reptiloids giving them the chance to live a new valid life of a Divine being.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father – Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marts on December 18, 2018

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