REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Ordinary reptiloids)

reptiloigs-and-clones-ordinary-reptiloidsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Now we will talk about another type of creatures bred by the Dragon race that can roughly be called “ordinary reptiloids” who are present on Earth in huge number.

They, unlike the high caste reptiloids, don’t know about their origin and truly believe they are humans.

In fact, each of them is an inseparable part of the “net” made by the reptiloids’ progenitors – the Dragons – and it has cloaked the whole planet.

Each of them has the “Render the enemy harmless” programme implanted which means to prevent pure human souls from rising to the spiritual level where they could restore their Divinity.

How is it put in practice?

First of all, following their highly-developed intuition reptiloids find the purest and the lightest, the most faithful and the most unmercenary Souls who can devote their life to the good of others’.

Then, they do their best to tie the knot with them.

Next, as a husband or a wife they carry out the plan of human Soul usurpation dominating them and destroying their personality.

Their inborn intuition gives them a helping hand here too. They find the most effective tools using various tricks and catches that arouse in their spouse fear, guilt or pity, their wit or strength admiration, in a word, the energies consistent with their own vibration frequency.

Reptiloids impose their values on humans, the only values they know – merely practical and material ones.

Exploiting the human Soul’s purity and kindheartedness little by little they turn them into their servants who place reptiloid’s interests and caring for their needs and desires before anything else forgetting about themselves.

The longer they live together the more the human gets impersonalized descending from the spiritual world they used to live into a merely practical one with no time for any other thoughts except those aimed at meeting the reptiloid’s and the family’s needs.

Therefore, the main Dragons’ goal to enslave the humanity is also applied to any family with a reptiloids among its members.

In addition to this, all false values introduced into human society by the high caste reptiloids and imposed on humans get grass-root support because nearly each family with a member representing the reptiloids race turns into a keen consumer of material benefits a wide range of which is in great supply in the modern society.

This is the reason why the humanity has descended into the third dimension that rapidly.

The Human Gods’ conscience has changed so drastically that for the most part they have turned into featureless crowd whose cherished dream is the flesh-pots of Egypt and getting high in the social scale.

And now, my dear ones, it is high time to open your eyes on the way most of you live, for unflattering though the real truth is, it is the only thing that can deliver you from the trap you got into.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father –Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta o December 17, 2018

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