LIFE ON NEW EARTH (The notion of human psyche)

life-on-new-earth-the-notion-of-human-psycheGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about what human psyche is in a broad meaning of this word.

The word “psyche” itself derives from the Greek word “soul”.

And of course, it is not incidental.

It was Soul that guided all the thoughts, emotions and actions of people in the early days of humanity when they were closely connected with the Creator.

Yet, as they were gradually descending to the world of the third dimension, this connection was becoming poorer and poorer.

They encountered the conditions where quite different needs came into picture and they had to live not according to the Laws of the Universe but the ones that had artificially been introduced into human society by the Dragon Race.

So as to survive in the dual world new to them, they had to break their psyche adjusting it to the new living conditions.

It is sure to happen unintentionally because getting incarnated on Earth over and over again one came here with the memory of one’s former greatness deleted.

And with every incarnation that followed this memory grew more and more erased, while new reptiloid programmes were instilled into human subconscience this time featuring total submission to authorities.

An essential role was played here by religion and the laws and customs imposed by it for human personality suppression both in society and in family.

Thereby, human Soul was gradually “cornered” and “debarred from voting”.

People ceased hearing it since their vibrations decreased to the extent they could take in only the things imposed from without.

Thus, having lost connection with Soul, they lost connection with God too who was turned by religion into “Supreme Judge” that people worshipped and were scared of because they had forgotten they themselves were his particles and, consequently, Human Gods.

The Dragons were perfectly aware of the fact that “cutting down this string” – the energy channel connecting one with one’s higher aspects they would be able to get total control over people.

And as you see, they have really succeeded in this having perverted human psyche to the point when it has turned into amorphous substance that this time was easily guided.

Indeed, hordes of astral beings have been working for reptiloids for millennia of their supremacy on Earth forming human psyche in the way to make it readily respond to emotional and mental impulses of the “masters” of the world.

Little by little human subtle bodies have become “compressed” to the utmost, while only lower chakras responsible for survival of humans in the third dimension world remained as their subtle sense organs.

Their upper chakras and pineal gland have fallen “lethargically asleep” for a long time being unable to function in low vibrations like this.

Yet, it is them that once used to be Divine “basis” of human psyche.

As you see, my dear, to give a clear definition of the notion of “psyche” I had to make this short excursus into past.

Well, to cut a long story short, human psyche is a combination of their two facets: spiritual and earthly – material.

And depending on what is prevailing in a person at this moment their psyche can be balanced, of high vibrations, Divine, unipolar or, on the contrary, unstable, of low vibrations, down-to-earth, dual.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 8, 2020.

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