LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Psychic health)

life-on-new-earth-psychic-healthGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on talking about what human psyche is.

And now we will focus on its spiritual facet – the one that they have been trying to stifle for many centuries and the one that now with the arrival of new energies is trying to awake from its “lethargic sleep”.

Generally speaking, human psyche is always dependent on the state of their SOUL that determines the properties and peculiarities of the former.

You see, here Soul comes into picture again.

In spite of all the attempts to stamp it out of people, it still goes on showing in your language as a reminder of your Divine origin.

And even such expressions as “a lovely old soul” or “a soulless creature” convey sacred meaning pointing out that not everybody embodied as human has a Divine Soul.

Thus, human psyche is the reflection of their inner world and the indicator of their belonging to this or that category of living beings embodied as humans.

Let us try to look into the expressions “psychic health” and “psychically deficient person”.

There is a fine distinction drawn between them since in the third dimension world psychic health is often determined by the degree of obedience and compliance with common standards of behaviour.

So, one with conscience going beyond the established “limits” of mentality and behaviour is often referred to as psychically deficient or insane.

As a rule, the one is condemned in every possible way, scoffed at and can even be put in mental hospital so as to confine one from the others – obedient and “normal” people.

This person becomes dangerous for the society of the third dimension world, for it is hard to control them.

Their psyche is getting predominated by SPIRITUAL facet this time. Their Spirit, with fear being untypical of it, is coming to the fore and it is the core of human Soul.

As you see, my dear, despite all reptiloids’ attempts they have not managed to erase such Divine notions as Spirit and Soul either from your language or from your conscience.

They have always been in your life and at the subconscious level have been influencing your psyche preventing it from total destruction.

It is often the case that in a person possessing an ancient pure soul there is always in progress unceasing struggle between their dark side supported by the third dimension world and the light one that lives in them as genetic memory of their Divine origin.

That is why their psyche becomes unstable – too many external factors get involved into this struggle.

Among these are the people who surround them, living conditions and various life circumstances.

They “shake” human psyche: and they now rise up to Heavens like on the swings, now come back to Earth, now reach peace of mind, now being torn by passions get down to the very bottom…

And it goes on like this until one gains power of Spirit, which will make their psyche state sound and will advance them to the level of resonance with their Soul that this time will not let them fall down and will guide their life activating their Divine sense organs and restoring connection with their higher aspects.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 8, 2020.

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