WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (The way your word will echo)

window-on-new-world-the-way-your-word-will-echoGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about one more phenomenon of these days that is also a manifestation of the Fifth dimension on Earth.

Perhaps, many of you have noticed that at present energy exchange between people is occurring so fast that all the energies you emit outwards this or that way return to you almost immediately.

Now you often manage to “foresee” “the way your word will echo” in terms of your interlocutor right during the talk.

And it is very good since cause-effect relationship of your interaction shows immediately, which enables you to adjust your thoughts and emotions on the go and, consequently, lead the talk a harmonious way.

Such heedful attitude to each other is explained by the fact that while vibrations are increasing your subtle bodies are becoming more rarefied and it allows you not only to contact the subtle bodies of your interlocutor but also penetrate deep into their energy space scanning this person’s emotional condition.

Besides, it occurs from a distance, too: while texting, talking on the phone and even at the moment when you are just thinking about a person or they think of you.

This can now be called the beginning of telepathic communication.

So far this more often happens in a one-sided manner, that is, such perception is typical of only the person of a high level of vibrations.

Yet, this is already enough to bring to harmony relationship with another person both while talking to them and interacting distantly.

It can be compared to the way a wise and experienced adult communicates to a child adjusting to their world perception and level of conscience.

And if an adult shows patience and respect to a little one, at the same time they are pulling child’s conscience one step up sharing their experience and energy with them.

This is the way relationships between revived souls and those in total submission to the third dimension matrix occurs.

So, not answering aggression with aggression, offence with offence, irritation with irritation you unintentionally bring this person’s condition to harmony who still lives in compliance with the dual world laws and as a result of such communication their vibrations increase.

This is what your part is, my dear: to become a “locomotive” for the others pulling up those “legging behind” to your level of vibrations.

It concerns not everyone, of course.

There is a certain category of “unyielding” ones, with the representatives of low vibration civilizations, biorobots and clones being among them.

Due to their energy structure they cannot take in high vibration energies therefore their “re-education” is not worth spending time on.

But I think you have learnt to feel who and how you should interact with that is why we will not focus on this now.

In this message I just meant to remind you that your keen sensitivity to other people’s energies is also one of the manifestations of the Fifth dimension on Earth and with every single day it will become more and more apparent.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 16, 2023.

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