window-on-new-world-galaxy-helpGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the manifestations of the Fifth dimension on Earth that are apparent to few so far.

They can be judged about by external signs rather than some other ones.

And at issue will be the assistance provided by your Galaxy family in terms of globalists’ actions neutralization, the ones that are aimed at annihilation of humanity.

As a matter of fact, without this assistance the consequences of their actions would have been horrible indeed.

But we have already talked a lot of times about the fact that extraterrestrial civilizations’ interference in earthlings’ business is permissible in exceptional case only: when humanity survival is at threat.

In recent years such threat has well reached its peak therefore the assistance by your Star families’ representatives is evident as ever before.

It is also mostly connected with the fact that as the new energies are arriving at Earth there is reducing the vibration gap between your planet’s energy space, her inhabitants and human-friendly extraterrestrial civilizations.

Now their assistance to you is becoming more easily accessible and efficient.

At present their spaceships can come to Earth so close that many of you see them.

During the day they are most often disguised as clouds and at night they are brightly lit up and move in the way unusual for earthly aircrafts.

But, perhaps, what is most apparent is the results of their work.

For example, they are actively neutralizing the dispersions into the air of substances and chemical compounds harmful to people, which is now a common practice all around the globe especially over large densely populated cities.

They are also “patrolling” all the time over all nuclear grounds and nuclear power stations, that is, the units of infrastructure accidents at which endanger lives of a huge number of people.

This makes their top priority task since right now at the very threshold of Ascension globalists are capable of any desperate steps to keep their power and decrease the vibrations of Earth and humanity.

They are also on twenty-four-hour duty over CERN – this child of globalists that was created by them as a testing area for moving to other space and time realities and that they cannot control to a full extent.

More than one accident at this unit has already been prevented by your Galaxy brothers.

But what they cannot do is to solve lots of your problems at the physical level.

As for these problems, they are growing like a snow ball since the representatives of the deep state are trying to impose their absurd ideas on the whole world, the ones connected with pseudo-scientific statements about climate change and humanity survival threat associated with it.

As a matter of fact, it is proofless and any sensible person understands it.

The trouble is that there are not many sensible people left on Earth.

All that your Galaxy brothers can do is to direct high vibration energies to people for their prompt revival.

To stop globalists’ plans that lead to an ecological disaster and annihilation of humanity is only possible for you yourselves by uniting the revived people on your planet.

And it is already in progress, which will allow your extraterrestrial assistants to act more openly and efficiently, too as the main initiative will be yours this time.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 14, 2023.

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