emperor-has-nothing-onGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to give some supplement to yesterday’s Ashtar Sheran message and to tell you about the behind-the-scene struggle that is conducted in many countries of the world.

Having a presentiment of their defeat, the Dark forces’ protégés at all the levels of power still go on performing under inertia, which may still cause a lot of problems to people dependent on them.

And now we will speak about the way you can minimize their influence on you and at the same time speed up their eventual collapse.

Before all, you should remember that at the subtle level their influence has ceased. They are defeated.

And the things that are taking place on your planet are simply a phantom – “reflection” of a clear-cut plan once developed by the Dragon reptiles that now has no energy support of its masters.

It can be compared with a water reflection of a high strong building that is becoming more and more blurred due to powerful “waves” – new high vibration energies coming to Earth nowadays.

This building had been erected by the representatives of Orion and the Dragon reptiles for many centuries and was “fine finished” during last decades when these human-alien civilizations decided to get total control not only of human bodies but their conscience as well.

The brain center of the invaders – their “headquarters” was at the subtle level of Earth where all their strategies and plans on human enslavement were also developed.

The current events on Earth are making their plans more and more “blurred” reducing to nothing their efforts they have been making for centuries.

They faced an obstacle quite unexpected for them – reviving human conscience.

Being sure of their infinite influence on people and their impunity they have totally lost the feeling of reality.

They keep on acting from the force of inertia out of a century-old habit but what used to work immediately with no efforts for their side now is “stalling”.

Their coarse methods of influence cause rejection of the majority of the planet’s population and, moreover, they themselves become “visible” the way the “the emperor without any clothes” was in your favourite fairy-tale.

They do not even try to disguise their “nakedness” though, or, to be more exact, they have nothing to cover it with since in front of new energies of Earth their old “clothes” are no good, while they cannot get new ones because of their subtle structure peculiarities incapable of resonating with Earth’s high vibration energies and revived human conscience.

So now, my dear, when you know the actual state of things both in respect of the Forces of Light and the Forces of Dark you can develop your own action programmes based on YOUR vision of the new reality and YOUR Free Will this time.

Depending on your social status and residence you can act alone or in groups to support human rights and interests.

And let your Soul be inspired by the fact that the Forces of Dark have already sustained complete defeat and you just have to remove the last signs of “ripples” on smooth water “surface” of your new existence, “the ripples” left after once impregnable and ominous “building” where for many centuries your planet’s invaders have ruled people’s destinies from.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 13, 2020.

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