WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Symbiosis of Soul and body)

window-on-new-world-symbiosis-of-soul-and-bodyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the difference between the sexual life of the people whose conscience exists already in the fourth dimension world from that of most people of the third dimension world.

The main peculiarity of the fourth dimension people is mindfulness of all their actions.

And, of course, their sexual life is no exception.

These people are now unable to make sex for the sake of sex, which is, generally speaking, similar to carnality that we have already talked about.

Keenly feeling energies both in terms of themselves and other people they can make intimate contacts only with the people who coincide with them in a lot of parameters: spiritual, physical, psychic and emotional.

Their body is in complete harmony with Soul and conscience and vibrations have advanced to the level that astral beings cannot reach any more this time.

Therefore, these people can control their sexual desires and give free scope to them only when they have a truly loved person by their side.

Generally speaking, sexual energy differs little from other kinds of energies.

Its ideal condition is that of balance, as well as in case of other energies as any excessiveness results in decrease of vibrations.

Of course, in such delicate issue as sexuality there are no universal tips or recommendations since any person possesses their own temperament.

And since sexual relationships concern two people – man and woman, to find balance between them can sometimes be not easy.

But here intuition gives a hand.

People who sincerely love each other and whose relationships are based on both physical and spiritual intimacy can feel the desire of not only their own body but also that of their beloved one and, consequently, reach balance in this intimate sphere of their life, too.

Only such symbiosis of Soul and body of either of them can give them a genuine pleasure – the one that is hard to experience in the third dimension world where physical attraction to the opposite sex prevails most often.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 21, 2023.

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