WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Child-bearing)

window-on-new-world-child-bearingGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to focus on one more aspect of sexual sphere of life of modern people, perhaps, the most important one.

And at issue will be child-bearing.

Unfortunately, at this point people most often go to extremes, too: someone lets the things take their course giving birth to so many children that they are unable to support them, while some others deliberately refuse to have them finding a lot of reasons for this.

But the most horrible thing in your life is abortions that in many countries have not only gained a legal status but are also encouraged in many ways.

Some women have abortions thoughtlessly and with indifference same as have their bad tooth pulled out, while others comfort themselves with the idea that soul has not got embodied into an embryo at an early stage of pregnancy yet and, consequently, nothing wrong happens.

As a matter of fact, a Divine Soul gets embodied into an impregnated ovule of a woman right at the moment of conception.

This is when the sacred process of the origin and development of a new life is triggered, of another particle of the Creator arrayed in the physical body.

Since this moment Soul makes independent decisions that influence its current incarnation in the physical body.

And though each Soul chooses its parents and earthly path, the lessons it should learn to be exact, before its incarnation, sometimes it gets frightened with the third dimension world realities it begins to encounter still finding itself in a womb and prefers to leave this world not even having been born.

It is often the reason for miscarriages or stillborn children.

“Unforeseen” circumstances and medical mistakes – everything that happens at the physical level, as a rule, is just a consequence of the fact that this Soul preferred to leave itself having realized that it would not be able to cope with the things it had planned.

And sometimes, on the contrary, very mature and strong souls are born DESPITE ANYTHING, which is often called miracles.

Of course, nothing is as definite.

Sometimes between two souls – of mother and child – at the subtle level there is made some “contract” for living through the most challenging experience that can ever fall to Soul’s lot: the experience of losing one’s child.

Yet, anyway all the crucial decisions and scenario of developments in everyone’s life are first made at the subtle level of Soul and only then descend to the physical level.

And since few are to see this and, main thing, to understand it, on Earth the loss of one’s child is treated as the most horrible trial that can ever fall to one’s lot.

Well, what happens when a Divine Soul that has already started transforming into the human physical body is forcibly deprived of life?

At the subtle level it is considered as deliberate or indeliberate intervention into the Divine plan of the Creator and that of the Soul that has almost got embodied on Earth.

And at the physical level there occurs a murder that does not differ in anything from a murder of a grow-up since even a person that has not been born yet is already spiritualized.

And if people understood it, abortions would be made equal to a premeditated murder, which is punished even by the third dimension world laws.

But, as you see, this does not happen and, even on the contrary, in many countries of the world abortions are not only encouraged now but are also “given the rank” of some kind of progressiveness and “trend”, which is also one of the items of the criminal project of the deep state aimed at annihilation of humanity.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 23, 2023.

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