LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Escape from death)

life-on-new-earth-escape-from-deathGreetings, my dear beloved children!

For my previous message to be continued, I would like to explain to you the way adrenochrome influences people and especially INhumans whose energy structure seems to be unable to take in such a high vibration substance.

It is rather complicated to formulate in a human language since all the processes occur at the subtle level and only their consequences show at the physical level.

But you can try to imagine these things happening the following way.

As a result of particular satanic rituals that have been verified for centuries, the high-rank Demons, who specialize in them, at the moment of Divine particle’s “catapulting” into the Higher worlds “snatch out” some of its energy and then condense it at the physical level in the pineal gland of the person killed.

And next, by means of crystallization the very substance forms, the one that contains the “immortality” energy – the thing reptiloids are deprived of since their souls, unlike human ones, are mortal.

And I will focus on this now.

What is a reptiloid soul?

This is a self-destructing energy unit.

It does possess conscience but it is not Divine but complies with the clear-cut programmes embedded into it.

This soul is either moved in a human body on its own or as the other one – alongside with the soul already inhabiting this body.

Having been in human bodies for many centuries reptiloid souls have adjusted to life on Earth, while reptiloids themselves hardly differ from common people in appearance now.

Nevertheless, they are creatures featuring absolutely different subtle material structure.

As you already know, the reptiloids embodied on Earth have a rigorous hierarchy.

So, while common reptiloids live and die in a natural way, the high caste has arranged to prolong their stay on Earth as much as possible.

Yet, they do it not out of their own will either but automatically because their conscience is controlled from above by their Masters.

Well, who do they try to extend life as much as possible?

Those of their servants who have reached the top of power pyramid on your planet and who have real impact on the global developments on Earth and, naturally, most negative impact – such as, for example, unleashing wars and revolutions, economic and financial crises, in a word, on anything that encourages enormous outbursts of  negative energy by humans.

And so as to extend life of these “masters of destinies” they start to artificially maintain them.

And one of the means of maintaining life in them is consuming of adrenochrome that promotes cells regeneration of physical body and gives their souls a fresh lease of life and energy they “stole” from a person.

Another means is an instilled lodger or, to be exact, a new soul that was deliberately created for this creature and was programmed so that it scans from the etheric level the life experience acquired by a certain reptiloid on Earth and gets adjusted to the physical body it was instilled in as well as to its living conditions.

And the third means is cloning, which gains increasing popularity on Earth, not only in respect of reptiloids but also of people at that.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 7, 2020.

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