WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (“Symptomatology” of information warfare)

window-on-new-world-symptomatology-of-information-warfareGreetings, my dear beloved children!

For my previous message to be continued today we will talk about the major signs that show there have been unleashed another information warfare against your planet’s population.

The main of them is that it is in progress in the information field of most countries of the world at the same time.

As soon as one and the same issue is highlighted in all the news programmes and stereotyped statements begin to be pronounced, it means that globalists have moved to a new item of their programme on the depopulation of the planet.

And it is in intimidation of people with a non-existing problem as much as possible and then offering THEIR decision to the problem to them.

This was just the case with the false pandemic and all the accompanying attributes to it: quarantine, numerous tests, masking and, eventually, general vaccination.

The same is now in progress with another false threat – climate change.

And they suggest solving this problem in the most inhumane way: depriving people of their natural life style and nourishment.

Just the fact that it is being discussed so unanimously in all the media proves it to be another stage of the information warfare.

As you see, my dear, globalists and their henchmen at the helm have managed to acquire incredible unity of actions.

And the reason for this is that all the instructions are received by them from one and the same source: the deep state’s representatives who they cannot disobey even on pain of death.

Unfortunately, so far such Unity of actions is inaccessible for the revived part of Earth’s population since there are no such powerful tools for society control at their disposal as globalists possess.

Moreover, any attempts to open people’s eyes to the genuine state of affairs on Earth are suppressed by the authorities in every possible way, and several dozens of brave people have found themselves in prison, while some of them were deprived of life itself.

As you see, forces are not equal so far and the people who understand what is actually in progress on Earth take pains making their way to get through to others – still fast asleep and blindly believing the authorities.

What is more, even those who took courage to “go against the stream” of official propaganda do not always manage to interpret the gist of the existing problem since too many relevant factors and contradictory information emerge from everywhere.

So, for example, the coverage of the events connected with the present military conflicts both in Europe and the Near East features a lot of distortion and misrepresentation both in the official and alternative reporting on these events.

Even the most honest and decent journalists, bloggers and just concerned people confer to their interpretation their own understanding that cannot embrace all the profoundness of these events as their genuine causes are a sealed book to people and concealed by those who masterminded these conflicts.

This is exactly the reason, my dear, why I have drawn your attention a lot of times to the idea that you should not get plunged into the twists and turns of the things in progress but should take certain actions both physically and in terms of energy instead, so that the Forces of Light can win a full and final victory over the Forces of Dark.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 15, 2023.

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