The Second Coming of Christ (The origin of man)

The Second Coming of Christ (The beginning)

Greetings, our dear beloved children!

Today we will continue our story about the history of humanity that we began in the previous channeling.

What else was positive about the fact that human DNA absorbed the genetic material of various alien civilizations?

Mainly the fact that as a result the human race became a unifying element in a large Galactic family.

You are still unable to understand and realize this fully but it is precisely your “blood relations” that attract such strong attention from representatives of other planets; and not just attention, but also Love and warmth, because you are their particles.

The great experiment is coming to an end. They reap the fruits of their work.

After they gained the experience for which all of this was done, they are now trying to rescue the best representatives of mankind from the danger zone – those great souls who voluntarily descended to Earth at this crucial time, when the planet is transiting to a new stage of development.

And now let’s talk about the negative side of the alien interference in your life.

In order to explain that, we need to go back to the very beginning and tell you how life was originated on Earth and how the first people appeared on Earth.

What happened could be compared to the Divine Sowing, and it consisted in the fact that particles of living organisms of very different qualities were brought to Earth from space.

Your plant and animal kingdoms – all the great variety of your natural world- originated from such living particles. It flourished more and more because of the mild climate and the abundance of rivers, lakes and seas, and eventually your planet was transformed into a blooming paradise.

And this creation was so divinely beautiful that we decided to bring to this blessed Earth the particles of ourselves – our male and female hypostases, the fusion of which marked the beginning of the human race, that became the crown of our creation – the race of Gods living on Earth.

The legend of Adam and Eve is based on real events, our dear ones, and that’s why it lives from birth in the soul of each of you. Your genetic memory contains the knowledge of your Divine origin.

For a long time people lived in this earthly paradise, enjoying the gifts of nature, in Love and harmony with Earth and with each other.

And even the alien interference did not disturb this idyllic state, because the vibrations of both  humans and aliens were at the fifth-dimensional level or higher.

But still there was a minus side to this genetic mixing of different civilizations.

It consisted in the fact that the purity of our experiment was violated and the history of mankind took a different path.

You may ask, how did we allow that?

It happened because of the free will of man, their curiosity, and their desire to learn new things. And we could not forbid them to take a new path of evolution – the one they chose themselves.

But we continued to oversee our particles – their development, maturing, changes in their consciousness; especially as aliens are also our children, our particles, and you are all loved equally.

We will stop here today.

Your Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe spoke with you.

Channeled by Marta on September 27, 2017


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