The Second Coming of Christ (Exile from paradise)

The Second Coming of Christ (The beginning)

Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Let’s continue our story about the history of mankind.

As you already know from the previous channeling, it did not go exactly the way we planned and as a result of this the rules of the game for people became completely different.

These rules were no better and no worse – they were the rules chosen by man himself, or rather by their Soul, for which life became increasingly interesting, because of vast spaces and unlimited possibilities opening up before it.

It turned out that man expanded their horizons by coming into contact with representatives of other civilizations and absorbing their experiences and their distinctness.

But, unfortunately, your beautiful planet attracted attention not only of friendly and kindred civilizations, but also of those who chose a different path of development, turning from Light to Darkness that also had the right to exist in your Galaxy.

You will ask why?

In order for the Soul to develop, it needs impulses of different vibrations, which mutually enrich each other through interaction, and by doing so exchange their experiences and knowledge.

In other words, the diversity of the Universe is the key to its development, evolution, transformation and flowing from one state to another.

Nothing can stay unchanged, including the consciousness of man.

And each of you is given different options of development of events, and a right to freedom of choice.

This also applies to collective consciousness. How does this happen?

For example, similar wishes, emotions and thoughts of a large number of people, under the law of attraction can attract and create relevant experiences and events.

This is exactly what happened when the race of Darconians appeared on Earth and, unlike their predecessors who had descended to Earth with positive intentions, had completely different interests.

They decided to put people at their service. They began their work in a very subtle and deceptive way like real “snake tempters.” And the meaning of the “snake-tempter” became embedded in your genetic memory.

What they did first seemed innocent at first glance. They taught people how to flatter each other, how to say compliments and praise each other.

This flattery started to generate vanity, self-admiration, and separation of oneself from everyone else. That was uncharacteristic of mankind, who had been previously living in Love and Unity.

That is how the duality appeared on Earth, and then unnoticeably spread everywhere, creating greed, love for power, hypocrisy and self-interest.

Gradually, the vibrations of people started to fall lower and lower, until they reached the level of third dimension.

The Draconians, just like other alien races, brought changes into the genetic code of human beings, but unlike other aliens they could not assimilate with people completely.

The reason for that lay in the fact that the Draconian race did not carry a divine particle, despite the fact that they were also created by us.

Their origination can be compared to an artificially created intelligence. It was also an experiment, the task of which was to observe the development of beings that did not have a divine origin.

And now this experiment was entering a new stage – the beginning of their interaction with human beings.

That stage dragged on for many millenniums…

We will continue to talk about it in our next channeling.

Your Father – Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you beyond measure, spoke with you.

Channeled by Marta on September 28, 2017



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