The Second Coming of Christ (The First Students)

the-second-coming-of-christ-the-first-studentsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

What happened to Yeshua and Mary next, could be called the Transformation of reality. And this is how it all happened.

They settled in a small house on the outskirts of Jerusalem and started by surrounding this space with the impenetrable veil of Light and Love. This place became the small island of a different life – the life that was originally conceived by the Creator.

It was interesting for Yeshua and Mary to observe how this world of high vibrations, created by them, could come into contact with the three-dimensional world.

And soon, astonishing things started to happen. They started to attract unusually pure and bright people, who appeared in their life by “coincidence” as if from nowhere. Always hospitable and benevolent, Yeshua and Mary welcomed them cordially. With them they could already talk about what they knew themselves  and convey to them those Divine truths, that were first revealed to them by the Essenes, and then by the God-Father and the inhabitants of Agartha.

These people were ready to hear them. It seemed, they had been waiting for them for a long time – so naturally this knowledge was absorbed into their hearts and souls.

And that’s how, gradually, Yeshua gathered like-minded people and assistants around him. Later, some of them would be called “apostles.”

And of course, these people did not appear around him by chance. They were also great souls, who came to Earth with the mission of awakening humanity.

But only Yeshua was destined to become the unifying and connecting link in this community of great awoken souls, for he was capable of showing in practice what a man, who realized himself as a part of God and accepted within himself the energies of Agartha and God-Father, was capable of.

Then a series of miraculous healings started, and the glory of these healings has come down to your days.

Yeshua, knowing the laws of the Universe and understanding that each soul goes through its own unique and much-needed experience, asked God the Father and the Higher Powers to send him only those people, for whom healing would become the next step for spiritual growth; who were ready to use the miracle of healing, gifted to them, for the good, and not to fall further into the world of duality – in other words, only those for whom this intervention would not become a hindrance to the development of their souls.

He, like no one else, knew and understood that good deeds are not really always done for the good of all…

And the Higher Powers heard him. Those people, whom he miraculously healed, were transformed not only physically, but spiritually right in front of one’s eyes.

The divine touch of Yeshua revived not only their bodies, but also their Souls.

These people could not live as they had lived before anymore. They began to search for the higher meaning of their existence, they learned to listen to themselves, and started seeking their true life purpose.

They tried to help others in the same way that Yeshua helped them, by freeing them from suffering, sorrow and despair.

Yeshua never asked for money for his miraculous healings, but his and Mary’s life unfolded in such a remarkable way that they never lacked anything.

People thanked them from the Soul – whatever one felt comfortable with, and their sincere heartfelt gratitude carried the energy of such high vibrations  that the space of Love and Light that reigned around Yeshua and Mary grew wider and wider, drawing more and more people in.

But, unfortunately, on the other side of the border of the world created by them, the life of the three-dimensional society with all its attributes continued to seethe.

Yeshua understood what a gigantic work was ahead of him, but the foundation for it was already laid.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on October 16, 2017

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