The Second Coming of Christ (On the Road Again)

the-second-coming-of-christ-on-the-road-againGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Let’s continue our story.

What happened to Yeshua and Mary next, can be compared to the ascent to a high mountain, because the world that surrounded them was made of inaccessible summits of hypocrisy, lies, greed, lies, selfishness, lust for power…

And they stood at the foot of this “mountain,” not knowing from which side to begin their ascent.

Unlike ordinary people, who cleverly climbed up using all kinds of auxiliary tools in the form of flattery, cunning, bribery and much more, Yeshua and Mary were only given the Unconditional Love as help.

And it was only with this Love that they had to change the world – to bring the principles of spirituality and different human values into it.

It seemed, they were swimming against the current, and there was no end to that.

Several years passed, and Mary gave birth to a baby girl, who lit up their life with endless joy and happiness.

But they greatly missed their son, who had been left in faraway India.

And after a long consideration, they decided to go there again.

It was also necessary for them to take a break from their untiring work in enlightening people.

By that time, Yeshua had enough disciples, who were ready to follow him and to carry the Divine knowledge to people.

They saw how happy and harmonious was Yeshua and Mary’s life, filled with Love and trust in the world.

They understood that the values they were preaching were not simply beautiful words, but the way of thinking, the way of life; and that they actually did have a part of God within them.

Yeshua blessed his disciples for the continuation of the work he had started, and embarked on the journey to India with Mary and their small daughter.

They not only wanted to see their beloved son, but they also wanted to breathe the air of India once again- this beautiful country that was so close to them in spirit.

They decided to calmly think about their future, because they understood that the most difficult part of their path was ahead of them. So far they had only made the first step towards their goal, which was to make their Teaching truly widespread.

It was important for them that people started to think about the meaning of their existence, so that they could realize through practice that if they follow the Laws of the Universe, they will become capable of completely changing their lives, return to their origins and become the God-Men that they were once created to be by the Creator.

During these several years in Judaea, they realized just how difficult their task was and how few people were ready to hear them.

The vibrations of the people of the three-dimensional world were too low, and the streams of Light and Love that Yeshua and Mary were sending out broke against the “thickness” of negative energies, that the consciousness of people had been feeding on for many centuries.

Yeshua and Mary needed a break and time to think about their future actions.

They embarked on this far journey, hoping to see from afar what they could not see clearly from close.

And as it had always happened in their lives before, the Higher Powers led them to good people, whose caravan was leaving for India.

And thus the new cycle of their travels began, which helped them to realize so much and to sum up what they had already done.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on October 18, 2017

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