The Second Coming of Christ (The Long-Awaited Meeting)

the-second-coming-of-christ-the-long-awaited-meetingGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, our travelers’ already familiar journey to India, which took them a few months, came to an end. They were at the gates of the familiar house.

The first person they saw was their beloved son, who was looking at the strangers with curiosity.

A moment later, he smiled trustingly and shyly walked towards them.

It is impossible to convey in words the feelings of both parents at the site of their considerably  grown-up boy. They did not hide their tears, but the boy looked at them with surprise, not understanding why they were crying.

And then their hostess appeared in the doorway. Initially, she could not believe her eyes, so unexpected was their appearance.

But when, at last, she realized that it was Yeshua and Mary, standing before her safe and sound, Mary with a little girl in her hands, her joy was boundless.

The first few days went by with endless stories about how their son had been growing up, how smart and cheerful he was, and how much joy he gave to the people around him.

He was told that his mother and father went away for a while, but they would definitely return.

And now the child was looking at them with apparent curiosity, as if trying to remember what they were like at the moment of their departure.

Mary did not let the little boy off her hands, constantly hugging and kissing him, as if she wanted to make up for the lost joy over the years of not being together.

He was already four and a half years old, and spoke very well already, amusingly telling his parents stories about his life.

Fortunately, Yeshua and Mary still remembered the dialect of this region, so their conversations gave them unspeakable pleasure.

It was one of the happiest periods of their lives, when the whole family was together, and their dear benefactors were happy for them just as much as they were themselves.

They lived together for almost half a year. As before, Mary helped with the household chores in this big family, which had grown and already included grandchildren. Yeshua earned a reputation of a well known healer and miracle worker.

He used his knowledge and skills to the full, but realized that that was not the goal of his life.

He had to find that “key,” that would open the “door” to the hearts of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people living in darkness, but he still could not find it.

And then he made a decision to take a second trip to Mount Kailash, to be able to immerse again into the Divine atmosphere of Agartha and ask advice from its Priests.

He dreamed of dissolving in the Unconditional and Unlimited Love of the God-Father.

He wanted to beg Him for help, because he could not find the right solution himself.

He was ready to sacrifice everything, even his life, in the name of the Service that his Soul chose. However, he wanted to do it so that his sacrifice would not be in vain, but would help to awaken the consciousness of as many people as possible.

That’s what was behind his decision to go to Mount Kailash for the second time, leaving his family for some time.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on October 19, 2017

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