The Second Coming of Christ (Conversation with God)

the-second-coming-of-christ-conversation-with-godGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Yeshua set off towards Mount Kailash. He found the same guide, who gladly agreed to escort him to the same mysterious place, the power of which helped to heal his father.

Everything happened according to the same scenario, the only difference was that this time Yeshua himself asked the Priests of Agartha to let him enter their sacred country.

His request was immediately granted and he found himself in the familial Temple, where he once received the warmest welcome.

Yeshua felt so good and full of light in his heart and Soul in these blessed Divine energies! He was floating in them, dissolving in them, enjoying the streams of Light and Love flowing on him from every direction.

Again, he was feeling the richness and colourfulness of the energies of different civilizations, which were shared with him. He was absorbing them as a healing sacred elixir, that was reviving him to a new life -the more meaningful and eventful life.

But he was eagerly looking forward for the God-Father to come to him; he wanted to talk to Him, share his thoughts and doubts, and ask for His advice…

And God-Father came to him, just as the previous time, enveloping him in the bright golden flash of Light, carrying in itself the energy of Love of such inexpressible power that Yeshua’s heart ached and his eyes filled with tears.

Yeshua did not have to explain anything to his Father. He knew everything about him, he understood him, he felt Yeshua as his own self.

And He started talking to Yeshua, just as before, inserting thoughts into his head with warm pulsing pushes.

And this is what he said to him this time:

“My beloved son! I am very proud of you! You proved to be a wonderful pupil!

You learned how to live and create according to the Laws of the Universe. You reached peace and harmony in your Soul. You learned to Love Unconditionally.

And now the time has come to do what you descended from the heights of your Star family to Earth for.

In order to attract the attention of a great number of people, you need a Symbol that will lead them like a guiding star.

And this Symbol could be a Cross, which will be a reflection of both the earthly and Divine origins of man.

It can change the consciousness of people and I will explain how this will happen.

By repeatedly crossing oneself many times, one will bring into themselves a part of God, reflected in the vertical line of the cross, and override one’s earthly essence with the horizontal line.

But for this Symbol to absorb all the power of Light and Love, you have to go through the rite of Baptism, which thousands and thousands of people will undergo after you.

For that, I will send you one of my best sons – John, whom people will name John The Baptist.

He will be executed by the Dark Forces, holding power in Judaea, for bringing this Divine Symbol to Earth, but it was the choice of his Soul. And after fulfilling its duty on Earth, it will gladly return home to those Higher Worlds, from which it descended upon this planet for the great mission of Service to humanity.

The same, my beloved, will happen to you! You are destined to part with your earthly life on the Cross. But, unlike John, you will demonstrate to people the Miracle of Resurrection.

That is exactly what will help to transform the consciousness of people and show them what a human being, who has managed to overcome his Ego, become the source of Light and Unconditional Love, realize that he is a part of God and therefore has mastery over everything not only in life, but in death as well, is capable of.

You will not suffer, my beloved! Your Soul will leave the body before they start torturing you!

But this Divine play will be “the key” that you have been searching for for such a long time to open the sacred “door,” that leads to the true essence of man. And that key will make it possible to revive the Divine origin of man that has been lost throughout the centuries.

And I bless you, my beloved son, for this spiritual feat for the sake of saving humanity!”

We will stop here today…

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on October 19, 2017

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