The Second Coming of Christ (The Future Life’s Scenario)

the-second-coming-of-christ-the-future-lifes-scenarioGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Let’s continue our story.

After “the voice” of God stopped, Yeshua stood still for a long time, shocked by what had been said.

It was as if he had just seen in reality the scenario of all his future life.

Yeshua understood that after his return to Judea, he was not meant to lead a quiet family life, talking peacefully with his disciples and healing people.

Now the next “act” of the play, which he had planned to perform before coming to Earth, was starting, and it was clearly explained to him by God-Father just a moment before.

He accepted it with all his Soul. Yeshua was not frightened by death, because he knew very well that death does not exist – there is only a return Home, where he would be met with joy by his Star family and the Higher Powers, who were always there for him.

He also knew that Mary, his beloved wife, his Guardian Angel on this Earth, would accept with Love and understanding the sacrifice that he had to do in the name of his Service, since she was not just a woman, but his part, his Divine half, his twin flame…

She would know that after his physical death, he would always be near her in his “subtle” form, just as he would always be with their beloved children, helping them and guiding them to their true path in life.

And now, when the long-awaited “key,” opening the doors that lead to the souls of people, was found, he started to ponder his firsts steps towards achieving his goal.

The Priests of Agartha, in their turn, had advised him to leave the children under the care of the Indian family, who had become a real family to them, because what was awaiting for him in Judea, could put them in considerable danger.

The Priests knew that Yeshua’s most vulnerable point could be his beloved children , and therefore it was most likely that the reptiloids, who had seized all the levers of power in this country for themselves, would take advantage of that.

 There came a new period in the life of Yeshua, when his Service came to the fore. The Service for which he would have to sacrifice his family joys and quiet, peaceful life.

Before leaving Agartha, Yeshua was once again blesses by all the Priests and God-Father.

But this time, everything happened more splendidly and solemnly. Everyone understood what this Great Soul was about to do – he was ready to give his life for the awakening of people’s consciousness and the return to their origins.

Yeshua knew that in this life he would never return to Agartha.

And he sincerely, with tears in his eyes, expressed his gratitude for the hospitality, help and advices, for the Light and Love with which the inhabitants of this wonderful country, existing in another dimension yet so close and dear to him, enveloped him.

After saying farewell to all of them, he immediately appeared on the other side of Mount Kailash, where his old guide was waiting for him. And right away, they set off on the return journey.

Now Yeshua was thinking about the details of his return to the Jewish lands, and was surprised how quickly the answers to all his questions came to him, as if he was accompanied by an entourage of invisible advisers.

But that’s exactly how it was in reality. God-Father, the Higher Powers of the Universe, his Star family were always with him to support him, to give him more confidence, to fill him with Love and Light, Peace and Harmony.

And this invisible communication filled him with such joy and gave so much strength that he no longer doubted that he would play brilliantly the complicated role assigned to him in the Divine play called ” The Resurrection from the Dead.”

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on October 20, 2017

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