Our Mutual Ascension (Connection with Divine aspects)

our-mutual-ascension-connection-with-divine-aspectsGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today we’ll cover more complex material. We’ll start studying the buddhic and atmic bodies, and also their sensory organs – sixth and seventh chakras, which are the bridge, connecting you with your Divine essence, which also helps you to communicate with the subtle world.

Unfortunately, there are still very few people on Earth, whose sixth and seventh chakras are open and developed enough to allow them to communicate with the Higher Powers.

There are much more people, who are capable of communicating with the astral beings, who live in a space around the Earth, in close proximity to you.

And because these beings have become almost “professional” in the area of Ascension of the Earth, who have mastered the right terminology and learned to speak eloquently on this subject; it has become very difficult for people to differentiate between the channelled messages from the Forces of Light and those dictated by the higher astral.

I’ll try to teach you how to feel these subtle differences, which will protect you from mistakes and would allow to determine clearly the vibrations of your heavenly “interlocutors.”

But we’ll start from afar. And today we’ll speak about the sixth chakra, which is often called the “third eye” of a person.

Where have that name originated?

A long time ago the third eye had really existed on physical plane, and some beings living in the higher dimensions still possess it.

But as people gradually descended into the three dimensional world, the third eye has become “overgrown” like a gentle subtle plant, strangled by the “weeds” of life in duality.

One of the programs, implanted in the human consciousness by the Dragon race, has been blocking of the sixth chakra, which connected people with the subtle world.

The thin thread which connected a human soul with his real essence – the memory of its Divine origins and of its connection with the Mother Soul – would be cut while in the embryo.

That way, a human being would come into the world already “blind” and “deaf.” He was left with only physical sensory organs, with his perception of the subtle world completely blocked.

And only a few Great Souls, who have incarnated on Earth with the goal to restore justice – to return to the human beings that which rightfully belong to them, have been able to “wake up” their third eye and to develop a lost connection with the subtle world.

But now the situation has changed. New energies of the highest vibrations come in contact with the people, who have reached a certain level of spiritual development, are able to neutralize these programs; which allows thousands of people to activate their third eye and by doing that to open the doors into the subtle world.

Numerous practices which are given by the Higher Powers of the Universe help them to accomplish the activation.

And everything would be great, dear ones, if you lived in the ideal harmonious conditions and stayed in a state of Light and Love.

But you continue to live in the world of duality, communicate with very different people, experience the fluctuations of very different energies, and as a result the beings from the astral world of Earth are eager to use your “bridge” into the subtle world.

And depending on what energies prevail in you in each moment, you attract similar beings: from the lower to the higher astral.

They also develop and have learned to raise their vibrations to the heights, which allow them to “jump” reaching your fourth and even fifth chakras.

And in one of my next messages, we’ll discuss how to learn the discernment of such “guests,” using your subtle sensory organs.

 Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 21, 2018.

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