My true Teaching (Miraculous healings)

my-true-teaching-miraculous-healingsGreetings, my dear beloved Souls!

Today I’d like to reveal to you the secret of my “miraculous healings”.

Because the rumors about them preceded my arrivals, a great number of ill and handicapped people were brought to the meetings with me, all of them asking to heal them.

I must admit that I haven’t always agreed to do that, because I could enter the energy field of the human being and see the cause of disease.

It has not been easy to refuse the people who were suffering, and I have always attempted to do that as gentle as possible, explaining to a person that such a test had been sent to him from the Above, and I am not allowed to interfere with his destiny.

But I’ve said that he could help himself if he could understand why such an illness had been sent to him, and what he had been doing wrong in his life.

And if he would change his habitual thoughts, banish passions that possessed him, which were destroying his body and soul, then he would definitely heal.

I’ve explained to the people that illnesses are their negative thoughts and emotions that descended into their bodies, which are slowly destroying a person, who is possessed by the lower energies.

But even such sad experiences were a proof that they themselves create their own reality.

And if they could destroy their bodies with their thoughts and emotions, it means they could restore them by changing the destructive negative energies to healing Divine energies.

I’ve given them many examples from life, when a person believing in his power and filling himself with the energies of the Unconditional Love, has been literally reborn.

I’ve told them that the waters of life and death are not fairytales, but reality. And that each of us could change the regular water into the water of life by the power of one’s Love, or into the water of death – by the power of anger and aggression.

I’ve explained that illnesses are given to people for spiritual growth, for overcoming themselves, and for realization of their mistakes.

We must thank God for them, because they are the last measures for our “re-education,” which means also the last hope that we would realize our mistakes and start changing. Than the life we have lived would not be in vain.

And if I could see that a person have accepted what I had said with all his heart and stands on the threshold of the spiritual renewal, then I would place him in my energy field – in the energies of the Unconditional and Unlimited Love – and he would heal in front of my eyes.

But I have not done that to demonstrate a miracle, but to prove to people that everything I had said – are not an empty words, but reality, which is accessible for everyone.

I’ve revealed to them “the mechanism” of the healing, explaining that I’ve already reached such a state when I cannot attract illness because of the great differences in our vibrations.

We are all living magnets, but the content of the magnets depends only upon us, which also means what we would be attracting to ourselves.

People have been especially impressed by the fact that the wounds were closing in front of their eyes, when I’ve placed my hands over them, when the blind people have regained their sight, and the lame one’s have stopped limping.

But it have happened because when they were placed in my energy field, their bodies gained a different structure, filling with the Divine energy of Love, and soon all the deformed parts of the body have been restored.

But the most important thing for me has been convincing people that it was possible for them too, if they could change themselves, their perception of life, their worldview, they would be filled with different energies, changing the content of their “magnets.”

“Of course, you need time and painstaking work for changing yourselves,” I’ve told them, “But the results are worth it. You’ll become the creators of beautiful reality, real Gods, descended to Earth.”

We’ll stop here today.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, spoke with you today.

Channeled by Marta on January 23, 2018

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