Our Mutual Ascension (Assuming Consciousness of the Divine Human)

our-mutual-ascension-assuming-consciousness-of-the-divine-humanGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today I’d like to gift you with one practice, which would help you to realize the power hidden in your consciousness and how it could influence your body; when you are in a state close to the one that Indians call nirvana.

If you could master this practice, you would gain Faith in your power and would sense your Divinity.

It is very important to carry this meditation in a state of complete peace and harmony, after freeing your soul from the burden of daily worries and mundane thoughts.

Thus, sit in meditation and call for help myself and all your helpers.

Relax completely and breathe deeply. Try to reach a state of complete timelessness and freedom from thoughts.

And then try to feel yourself as a particle of “dust” in the infinite unlimited cosmic space.

You are – a tiny particle of the Universe, but at the same time almighty, because you are a particle of the Creator.

You are – Divine consciousness in its pure form – an eternal and changeless, in comparison to your bodies, in which you have incarnated at some time and which are mortal and limited in time.

They have served you only as a garment for your eternal soul, which have descended from Heaven to Earth to play another still unknown role in the play titled “My life on Earth.” And sometimes it has been life on some other planet…

Feel your consciousness exiting the limits of your body, Earth, Galaxy…

Your consciousness is a bright luminous point in an infinite cosmic space, whose greatness is impossible to express with words. It could only be sensed.

And when you would reach a state of being completely dissolved in the Universe, merging with it, imagine your body as a Divine vessel, with wide neck in the area of the seventh chakra.

And start to descend gradually into this Divine vessel with your consciousness, filling it with the energy of the Universe – the energy of the Unlimited and Unconditional Love.

Imagine how your entire body – it’s bone structure, soft tissues, all the organs are filling with this unique magic energy, which you brought from the depth of the Universe.

Your body becomes as eternal, deathless, Divine as your Soul…

Now it is filled with the energies of such high vibrations that not a single negative thought or emotion, which also means any disease, unable to come close to it – otherwise they would burn in its bright rays.

Your entire body, inside or outside, is sparkling and shining, filled to the brim with the energy of Love.

It already has different parameters, different structure. This is the body of a human being of the Fifth dimension, who has consciousness of the Divine human.

Feel how light and weightless it has become, how flexible and young.

You now feel your body not as a heavy garment, which sometimes gives you pain, discomfort and problems, but as a light cape, in which your Soul would leave the third dimensional world, after a shift into the Fifth dimension.

And I bless you for that!

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on January 27, 2018

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