Our Mutual Ascension

our-mutual-ascensionGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today I would like to start a new series of messages named “Our Mutual Ascension.”

Why have I decided to choose such a specific name?

I know that many of you associate a new stage of the development of humanity with the Second Coming of Christ.

During your numerous incarnations, you have absorbed into yourself this information and this very concept is already in your flesh and blood, in your deep memory.

It has become a symbol of the new beautiful life and I thought that it could be utilized exactly as a symbol, like a cross has become a symbol of Christianity.

But I would like to “purify” this Symbol from many layers of meanings that has grown around it and continue to grow to this day as a result of very different interpretations.

Today I’ll attempt to explain to you what means an expression “The Second Coming of Christ” – for me personally.

And although it has been mentioned more than once in my messages and also in the messages of the Father, I’d like to bring to your attention some subtleties, which you may have overlooked.

Metaphorically speaking, the Earth Ascension – is actually my Second Coming, because the shift into the Fifth dimension symbolized my consciousness, when I had ascended, by deliberate jump in my vibrations and moving from the third into the Fifth dimension.

And as your consciousness will transform, becoming a “christ consciousnesses,” you would raise your vibrations to the level of the new earth to ascend together with her.

As you understand, this process has been prolonged in time not by chance.

You are given an opportunity to go through the path of purification and spiritual rebirth gradually, without fear of the future and extreme hardships – both psychological and physical.

Using the church language, we may say that a chance has been given to all the “sinners” to become “righteous,” while being in the physical bodies, through the transformation of their consciousness which would be followed by transformation of their physical vehicles – in the change of their parameters.

That’s exactly what have happened with me, dear ones, in the moment of my Ascension. By the power of my mind, I have been able to move into another dimension, which swallowed me in front of the group of astonished people.

Then it has been considered a miracle, but it would appear less impressive now, because you will not disappear physically, due to the fact that an Ascension is proceeding together with Earth.

You are changing your parameters together with her, and this synchronized Ascension would allow you to be in the new reality, where the new laws would be acting – not human but Divine.

Without noticing that, you will shift from the world of duality to the world of unity – into the space of the energies of Unconditional Love – and would feel the joy of life in full measure; being among the people who are spiritually close with you, where the air itself is filled with Divine bliss, and where you could realize your talents and abilities, without worrying of making a living.

And I would always be near you, supporting you with my Love and my advices, as well as all the Higher Powers who take the most active part in your Ascension.

And I would lead you in your new life as your older brother, always ready to share with you my experience and come to your help.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on January 27, 2018

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