window-on-new-world-pure-foodGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about your nourishment during this challenging time when it is getting harder and harder to find really clean water and foodstuffs beneficial to your health.

I think that most of those reading this message now switched over to vegetarianism long ago having excluded animal origin foodstuffs that feature low vibrations from their diet.

As for the fruit and vegetables that are sold in supermarkets, it is almost impossible to track their origin as well as presence of components harmful to humans in them.

Yet, you should not get too concentrated on this and, the main thing, you should get rid of fear in your conscience and subconscience, the one that itself reduces the value of what you eat.

Actually, it makes a huge difference whether you eat something indulging in it and enjoying the taste of food or fearfully thinking about this product can contain something that can do harm to you.

Even if it contains some chemical additives, your positive mood can neutralize them and fear, on the contrary, reinforces their negative qualities.

As a result, even the assimilation of these products by your body occurs differently: bringing benefit to it in the former case and harm in the latter one.

And there is nothing surprising in it: everything occurs in compliance with the Universe Law of Similars: the energy you send to the food you eat is similar to the one you get in return.

Yet, you should approach the issue of foodstuffs in a sensible and selective way, especially now when your vibrations have reached quite a high level and, consequently, your physical body needs food that features vibrations as high.

Try, if you can, to avoid big stores and buy vegetables and fruit from small producers and carefully read the ingredients list of the things you still have to buy in supermarkets.

But so as to render the foodstuffs you consume as harmless as possible including water and drinks, today I would like to offer you a versatile practice that we will call just the same “Pure food”.

And this is what it is about.

Every time you are on your way home after you have done some shopping and before unpacking and putting your purchases away, invoke the Flame of Universe Love and ask this Divine energy to “scan” all the things you bought and make them completely harmless.

You can pronounce the following phrase or the one you think of yourself – the main point is to preserve the general sense:

I ask the Flame of Universe Love to neutralize all the components of artificial origin hazardous to my health that each of the products bought by me contains and leave what is beneficial to it”.

Do this séance the way you are used to: letting the energy pass through your hands or directing the energy flow by power of thought.

And carry on with the séance until the energy flow ceases.

If you make a habit to do this practice every time coming back after shopping, it will save you a lot of time since you will not have to charge with the energy everything separately, which, I know, many of you already do.

It is especially important now when for the side of globalists there is being carried out an unprecedented “mass attack” on people’s health by means of foodstuffs and drinks.

I am sure that after such energy cleansing you will by all means feel that even the taste of food has changed for the better and you will be really enjoying it.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 29, 2023.

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