WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Do not stop at what has been accomplished)

window-on-new-world-do-not-stop-at-what-has-been-accomplishedGreetings, my dear beloved children!

And the last thing that I would like to draw your attention to in terms of energy work.

Never stop at what has been accomplished since as long as you find yourselves in the third dimension world, you will take durability exams over and over again.

I know that many of you having done, for example, practices to get rid of fear, offence or guilt several times, think they have worked through these negative emotions completely.

And your conscience is likely to have become purified from them to some extent.

But as a matter of fact, you have managed to take away just an outer layer of the programmes accumulated because such powerful and sustained emotions penetrate so deep into your subconscience that to get rid of them having done just a few practices is almost impossible.

And life will throw in the evidence of that they are still alive in your subconscience until you really get ultimately rid of them.

And now I would like to reveal a secret to you.

How can you identify that you have eventually freed your subconscience from this or that negative emotion?

It will actually happen only when you forget about its existence and do not recall it at all.

For example, if you hear someone saying or say yourselves: “I have become completely free from fear” or “I have forgiven everybody” or “I do not blame anyone any longer”, it means that the energies of fear, offence or guilt are still alive inside you.

This is the way they let you know about them: you think about them, talk about them supposing you have finally tamed them.

While, if they are really gone from your energy space and your subconscience, you will simply not remember them.

You will have nothing to remember because there will be no such things either in your conscience, subconscience or, consequently, in your life.

But so as to achieve such a state, it is necessary to recognize existence of negative programmes and see the situations that facilitate their showing up outwards.

So, even fleeting feelings of offence, fear, guilt that you manage to notice at once and dissolve with high vibration Divine energies are the indication of that deep in your subconscience they still exist.

It is essential to realize what caused them and work at the situation or relationships with the person that created such a situation.

This way, step by step you will be moving to the state of your Soul when not a single negative emotion will be able to arise in your life and you will be enveloped in the Energy of Unconditional Love that knows no judgement or separation and that will open the door to the Fifth dimension to you.

Perhaps, you have noticed that the more one talks about one’s drawbacks or those of other people, the lower one’s vibrations.

An enlightened person keeps silent most of the time generating Love and Light that are much more eloquent than any words.

Just by their presence they heal others’ Souls filling the space around with the energies of the highest vibrations.

And they speak only when feel that one needs their help and support and always find the words and expressions that just this particular person needs.

Learn, my dear, to feel your energy and spiritual potential not flattering yourselves, yet, not reducing your accomplishments either.

To be objective to oneself does not mean to be a demanding or strict judge.

It simply helps you see the things that you still need to work through not deceiving yourselves and not indulging in wishful thinking.

Love yourselves the way you are but meanwhile remember that there is no limit to spiritual perfection.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 9, 2022.

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