critical-momentGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to digress from our topic and speak about the things taking place at the so-called world “backstage”.

Perhaps, many of you have already understood that the main planet’s puppeteers are not going to give up readily.

Now they have concentrated all their forces to root in human conscience the idea of another wave of “pandemic” being unavoidable and the vaccine being the only rescue from a new virus for humanity.

And you can be sure both the former and the latter were prepared by them long ago and are just waiting in the wings.

What are they waiting for, then? Why are they not implementing their plan right away?

There are several reasons for that, and the main one is that they are well informed about the disclosure of their deeds being prepared, that is why they are afraid of taking any sharp measures so as not to promote this process.

But right now they have chosen tried-and-true tactics: “offence is the best defence”.

TV screens flooded with lie and provocative acts with professional terrorists being employed are aimed at accusing of violence exactly the ones trying to stop it.

At present all the marionettes at the world government’s disposal have closed ranks as ever and are acting according to one programme trying to neutralize their opponents both morally and physically.

And the more facts of their crimes are brought to light, the more embittered they become.

Right now they are trying to identify “where the line is” that is some kind of limits beyond which human tolerance ceases and strong opposition arises.

What is their plan of action?

Initiating another coronavirus wave they are going to act as humanity benefactors and declare that have EVENTUALLY developed the vaccine to save people from mortal danger.

But to make their “benefaction” really efficient they will force leading counties’ governments to adopt laws of compulsory vaccination that from now on will become a “pass” to normal fulfilling life.

Without an obligatory vaccine certificate it will be impossible to work or travel freely around the world.

Everything has been dwelled on in the minutest details and hits where it hurts: source of income and opportunity to communicate with relatives and friends who in modern life are often across the globe.

They are perfectly aware of the fact that for the sake of this one is ready to “take any bait” – even the one intuitively considered poisonous.

So now, my dear ones, the crucial moment you have been waiting for so long has actually come.

Your “pass” to the Fifth dimension should become a firm opposition to world government controlled authorities and deep conviction that no “arm twisting” can make you renounce your Human God’s “status”.

And the more people like this there are on Earth, the sooner will give up those who started this absurd global humanity-endangering performance called “Pandemic”.

At present you have only two options: either to destroy the existing criminal system of world supremacy on Earth and start building life according to Divine principles or to become obedient marionettes in power of greedy and soulless beings who seized your planet.

There is no third option.

New energies will make impossible for light human souls to live in an old life-style and relations system, while reptiloids will simply be unable to exist in them.

This is exactly the reason why the latter are doing their best to keep Earth and people at the level enabling them to direct their dirty business and carry out their carefully developed plan on humanity robotization.

That is why I ask you, my dear, realize all the danger of the current situation and do everything possible to prevent this inhuman plan mobilizing all your resources, both energy and physical.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 13, 2020.

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