The Pleiades. Our contribution to Transition.

the-pleiades-our-contribution-to-transitionGreetings, dear earthlings!

Today we have come to you with the mission of true information communication, the one concerning our support of humanity during Transition.

So now on behalf of the Council of Elders’ of the Pleiades constellation you are addressed to by the commander-in-chief of the Pleaides fleet that is a part of the Galaxy Light Federation fleet with Ashtar Sheran as its head.

We see that a lot of information is now being spread in the Internet in our name.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of such messages are dictated by astral beings who touch the trustful cord of the earthlings to the Pleaides constellation’s representatives.

Actually, we resemble you most closely both in appearance and “inner” content, with the difference being in the fact that we are in the space of the fifth dimension and some of our planets are already in that of the sixth’s one.

Nevertheless, at present we have our representatives embodied on Earth too, the ones who have chosen the mission of assistance to humanity during Transition and voluntarily descended to the world of the third density.

Some of them have preserved the memory of their belonging to the Pleaides and keep constantly in touch with us.

Others have incarnated with their “origin” memory deleted but we carefully monitor their earthly path and secure them from the subtle level, which allows them to maintain quite high vibrations.

Why are we telling you this?

Firstly, we would like you to know how closely connected and related we are at the DNA level as Divine creatures being right now in the worlds of different densities though.

Secondly, being members of the Galaxy Light Federation we assumed the responsibility to tutor Earth and help earthlings in overcoming the last barriers during the Fifth dimension Transition period.

Well, now when you find yourselves in the critical situation we do our best to prevent alien invasion into your conscience and physical body.

Employing our technologies we are trying to neutralize the nanoparticles being dispersed everywhere changing their energy structure.

We are also trying to do everything possible to minimize the harmful electromagnetic radiation effect on humans.

But what we cannot do is to influence directly the chips and nanoparticles that are already introduced into human bodies and are receivers of directional effect electromagnetic radiation.

Therefore, we ask you, our dear brothers and sisters, to do your best to prevent general vaccination and chipping that are being prepared now by the hidden government who are trying to keep their power on Earth.

It is of extreme importance to make it your own well-considered and mindful decision.

By the way, we know that nowadays you can find enough information in the Internet about what hidden government’s plans really are.

At this crucial moment we would like very much to work all together, with you working at the physical level and us – at the subtle one.

This is the only way we can neutralize all the criminal actions aimed at ruining of Divine essence of humans and turning them into electronic marionettes ruled by the dark forces who seized power on your planet.

We believe in your wisdom and Spiritual strength, and we will be there for you at the supreme moment!

Your galaxy siblings the Pleidins spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 14, 2020.

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