blood-relativesGreetings, my dear earthlings!

Today there is a need to tell you about one more event that will directly influence you and the planet in general.

And we will speak about the energy perturbations taking place all over our Galaxy that are connected with Earth’s Transition to the Fifth dimension.

As you already know, according to the Universe Law of Unity everything occurring on your planet in this or that way influences other planets of the Galaxy.

Moreover, one more reason for this to happen is the fact that many civilizations inhabiting them are interconnected not only in terms of energy but genetically as well.

As it was mentioned in my previous message, Earth is some kind of an “incubator” where by means of various genomes combinations different civilizations’ representatives were trying to create an ideal Divine being.

Therefore, many civilizations of our Galaxy view Earth as their second home since humans have their elements in their DNA as well.

And this liaison between you and them never ceases.

At the physical level it is expressed in a variety of ways.

For example, some people have a vividly expressed set of features and traits of character typical of certain civilizations.

The same applies to their build.

We are not going to focus on peculiarities characteristic of this or that civilization now since it is not that important.

What is of greater importance is your energy liaison and it shows itself in the fact that everything that happens to one on Earth in this or that way makes an impact on the representatives of the civilizations whose genes are a part of one’s DNA.

Thus, your spiritual development and vibration increase automatically increase vibrations of your “relatives” in other worlds.

And the other way round, one’s spiritual lapse retards their development, too.

All this happens almost unnoticeable for the former and the latter since these processes are very subtle, diverse and changeable.

Sometimes one makes a breakthrough in one’s spiritual development, while in other cases one falls into an abyss reducing to nothing all one’s spiritual achievements under circumstances.

And this is what happens to one’s “relatives” from other planets.

They feel inexplicable tension and anxiety and often fall out of their harmonious condition.

But it is so in case of people with well-expressed prevailing genome of this or that civilization.

So, the representatives of Andromeda, Arcturus, Siruis and Plieades can scan at the subtle level the events happening to their “kinsmen” on Earth thanks to their common gene code, and vibration fluctuations of people in this or that way make a positive or a negative impact on them.

So now, on your planet the moment has come when one can either lose one’s Divine component and, consequently, one’s Divine code, or ascend still higher moving into the Fifth dimension with Earth, which will automatically increase vibrations of all the extraterrestrial civilizations one is connected with.

All of us are certain to be interested in the latter option of our common development and that is why we do our best to interfere with the Orions and the Dragon reptiles’ plans to obliterate human race by means of general robotization of the population.

And right now all highly developed civilizations are involved into the process of Earth’s Transition to the Fifth dimension.

We believe that our joint efforts will give wonderful results and that thanks to the Transition of earthlings to a new level of their existence there will also occur transition to a new level of development of many other extraterrestrial civilizations that participated in creation of the unique Divine being named MAN.

And I would like you, my dear, to know about this.

Loving you endlessly,

Ashtar Sheran spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 16, 2020.

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