News from the Galactic Federation of Light (June 6, 2018)

news-from-the-galactic-federation-of-light-june-6-2018Greetings, my dear earthlings!

Today I’d like to continue with our story about the latest changes on your planet, and at this time we will focus upon more earthy matters.

We see that the leaders of the leading countries of the world at last started to think how to convey an information about the Shift of the Earth to another dimension to their citizens; and the only thing that stops them – is their powerlessness to influence the upcoming changes and helplessness about natural disasters, which increase in intensity from day to day.

They are accustomed to lead and keep everything under control, but the times are coming when nature would lead in all the processes, and in essence it is Mother Earth as you call her.

As cruel as it seems to you, there is no other way out in spite of many victims and destruction caused by natural disasters.

And in that case, it is not the leaders who can influence the course of history, but simple people, who have reached the level of vibrations compatible with the vibrations of Earth.

Therefore, today I address you on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light with an offer of cooperation for the sake of saving your beautiful planet.

In essence, it will be our mutual work to minimize the aftermath of natural disasters.

You may serve as a channel, through which the help of your galactic family will be channelled.

You are capable to “ground” the energy that is sent to earth, which is a necessary link in the chain, created by the representatives of other civilizations, who have taken upon themselves a mission of assistance to the earthlings.

In practice, it will look like the following.

Moving in your consciousness to the place of catastrophe – volcanic explosion, typhoon, tsunami, flood or fire, call the GFL and ask its representatives to send through you an energy, which is necessary to minimize an aftermath of disaster in this particular region.

And you would feel yourself as a channel – a pipe, though which the energy of the higher vibrations flows, the kind that is needed to pacify a natural element, responsible for this particular catastrophe.

Always ask that everything would happen FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL, because any interference in the process, not initiated by you, is the breaking of the free will, in that case, the will of the Earth.

But the people, who become the victims of of these catastrophes, are her beloved children and the Earth does not want them to perish.

Therefore, such an interference will be quite appropriate.

Those, who are meant to perish, will perish.

But now there are many human souls on Earth, who are at the crossroads and for whom the only last step is remained to step on the path to Light.

And you need to give these souls a chance to be saved.

Believe me, dear ones, we will hear everyone, and you will surely feel that.

We thank you in advance for your priceless help for saving the Earth.

Ashtar Sheran, who loves you, has spoken with you on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light

Channelled by Marta on June 6, 2018

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