Ascension in Action (About children)

ascension-in-action-about-childrenGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I’d like to speak with you about your relationship with children.

Many of you have the most unusual youngsters growing up in your families.

They are born to live in a completely different world – on the fifth dimensional Earth.

They are born already completely equipped with this new knowledge, therefore their knowledge and worldview are radically different from the ones, to which you are accustomed.

And now many problems arise because the worldview of the parents, and even more so grandmothers and grandfathers does not coincide with the worldview of these youngsters.

The adults live in fear and worry for their own lives and for the lives of these children, but these ancient souls, who have come to Earth, know that everything happens as it should happen.

Being born with the consciousness of the fifth dimensional people, they live in complete trust towards the world and the people.

They don’t know what are fear, aggression, jealousy, anger and hatred.

Therefore, their tantrums and expression of negative energies are often the results of the adult’s invasions in their personal spaces with negative energies and programs, which are alien to the children.

It creates disharmony in their gentle souls and causes their suffering.

But what is expected from you, dear ones, is to be able to help these unusual children to grow in happiness and harmony; to encourage an expression of their natural abilities; and not to break their fragile magical world, filled with Divine energies of Light and Love.

First of all, you need to learn how to speak the language they speak, not imposing on them your experience, your vision of the world, but attempting to penetrate their inner world.

But you must do it very carefully, not inflicting any wounds through mockery and mistrust. Otherwise, they may shut the door into their inner world forever.

Such a unique time period has arrived to planet Earth, when Human Gods has started to return to Earth, but the right conditions for them have not been created completely – everything is in a state of the Shift; and after their arrival, the children are still submerged into the world of 3D.

And now, dear ones, you have an enormous responsibility for rearing these exceptional children, who are going to build a new life on the 5D Earth.

Treat these gentle Divine “sprouts” very carefully, do not wound their souls, fill them with your Love and understanding!

Do not transform them into the “weeds,” that have already accumulated on your planet in great numbers.

The people with dual thinking had brought your planet to the brink, but now the new people with Divine consciousness have come to Earth in great masses to save it!

So help them, dear ones, to fulfill their mission with honors!

Become their main source of support, their main helpers, loving, understanding and caring mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandparents!

I bless you for that!

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on March 30, 2018

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  1. Thank You!!!

    I have waited for these children my whole life. I believe I am one of them come many decades in advance.. preparing the way and so eagerly awaiting their arrival… blessed be and welcome Beloveds from the realms of wholeness. My whole life has been in preparation for you… welcome welcome welcome…tears of joy and relief that you are here. My life is in service to your thriving on our planet.
    love Grace


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