Ascension in Action (Guardian Angels of humanity)

ascension-in-action-guardian-angels-of-humanityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we’ll talk on the subject of how to behave in extreme and unexpected conditions.

And it is equally pertinent to situations that happen near you and to the ones that happen on the other side of the globe.

Your help to the victims of such events can be really priceless.

Now, when you have learned how to be in charge of your subtle bodies, embracing the unlimited spaces with them, you are capable to cover the entire cities with all their inhabitants.

We can say that you have become a fully valued and competent helpers of the Higher Powers.

And because you stay here on Earth, the Divine energy which is concentrated in your subtle bodies, has even greater influence on the events transpiring on the material plane than the energy of the Higher Forces of the Universe that is sent from Heavens.

It can be explained by the fact that the energy of the people in danger is easier adapted to your vibrations, because the gap between your energy and their energies is a lot less in comparison with the vibrations of the Forces of Light.

In other words, you are the vibrational link between the Higher Forces and the people of 3D.

You are – those Light Forces, who have come to Earth to save humanity and who have consciously chosen their Service in physical bodies.

And now the time has come for you to act, utilizing all your abilities, all the necessary knowledge and practical experience.

Many of you have reached tangible results, using the practices and meditations for purifying space with the energies of Light and Love, for building relationships with people on different – Divine principles.

You become convinced, that utilizing the advices and recommendations of the Higher Forces, you could really change your reality.

And now you are going to change reality, not only in your own space and surroundings, but in the whole world.

And believe me, dear ones, you are ready for that!

You already know that time and space are relative concepts and they don’t exist outside of 3D world.

And now, when you have reached a certain level of vibrations while still being on Earth, you are able to change the parameters of time and space, and to move with your consciousness and subtle bodies to any place on your planet and into any time frame.

Those of you, who have done healing practices, know that well.

Now you are becoming the Guardian Angels of all humanity, but specificity of your mission is in the following: you are not saving all the people, but only give a chance for deliverance to those, who are ready for that.

You open your energy embrace to those human souls, who can accept them, who can respond to your call, who unconsciously have always aspired to the Light, which means they will be saved.

All of that will happen naturally, according to the Universal Law of attraction according to similarity of vibrations.

All that you need, dear ones, is to fill them to the brim with Divine energy, to embrace in your energy field the maximum amount of people, who are in trouble, to give them an opportunity to choose – whether to stay on Earth, ascending into the new energy space, or to move through physical death to other planets.

And it is very important, dear ones, not to join in emotionally at the same time with the events that occur, which may neutralize all your good intentions.

Always remember that a free will of each person is sacred for all the Higher Powers, and you are – their messengers on Earth, which means that your consciousness have already come out of the limitations of 3D world.

Your spiritual work is entering a new – Divine level and I bless you for that!

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on March 29, 2018

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