Ascension in Action (The seeker will overcome challenges on the path)

ascension-in-action-the-seeker-will-overcome-challenges-on-the-pathGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Before moving to the new material, I would like to sum up everything I have said in previous messages.

As you understood, your subtle bodies and its corresponding chakras undergo substantial changes during your Shift to the new reality.

Gradually, everything will return to its origins – to the same energy space where your first steps on Earth had started.

The entire period of people’s stay in the 3D is completing, and the new cycle of their development is started: from the world of duality they gradually shift to the world of 5D.

To expedite this process, you have been given numerous practices and meditations, geared towards the activation of your subtle sensory organs, and many of you have mastered them successfully and significantly moved forward on the path of spiritual development.

But for some of you, new knowledge and practices are still difficult and it upsets you greatly.

To avoid disappointments, I propose you the following.

Start small: gradually develop your chakras, one after another, filling them with the energies of Light and Love, until you start feeling them physically every time you address them in your thoughts.

Then imagine that each of your subtle bodies is connected with the corresponding chakras with an invisible wires, through which something like an electric current carries the energies of the identical vibrations.

It is very important that you feel the energy connection of your chakras with the subtle bodies.

You could invent any other practice, which would allow you to realize and feel this unity.

And when you master that, move to the next stage – an integration of all your bodies.

Do not hurry, dear ones, do everything peacefully, harmoniously, and methodically.

Do not try to catch up with the others. Do not feel that you lack something, as if you are energetically inadequate.

Each of you has its own threshold of sensitivity for many different reasons.

And if you don’t feel all the changes in your subtle bodies on physical plane, it does not mean they are not happening.

Your sincere desire to walk on the path of Ascension sends such a powerful energy impulse into the Universe, that it attracts to you a huge army of the Higher Powers, who have chosen as their missions to help people in their Shift into another dimension.

And believe me, dear ones, they do a great deal for you, if they see that you don’t succeed in everything.

Some people perceive their help, some don’t, but these Great Souls, who stay on the subtle Earth plane, never stop their work for helping every person who stepped upon the path of Ascension.

Therefore, dear ones, you’ll succeed in everything!

Believe in yourself!

Believe that Higher Powers help you!

Believe in me, for each of you – is my favorite child, my precious particle!

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on March 25, 2018

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