Ascension in Action (Renewal of the lower chakras)

ascension-in-action-renewal-of-the-lower-chakrasGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we’ll speak about the cooperation of your lower chakras – from the first to third, and I’ll give you a practice, which will help you to raise their vibrations to the level of your fourth chakra.

Now that you know what functions they will carry when you’ll enter the 5D reality, it would be easier for you to imagine these chakras in the new quality.

The first thing that you need to do – is to rarefy them in your mind.

For that, you need to call on the energy of Love and Light and ask it to fill up your chakras.

Imagine that this energy, penetrating each of your chakras, widens the space between its particles and transforms them from quite dense substances into the rarefied ones.

Your chakras would increase in sizes, absorbing more and more of this energy, and by doing that would be increased in vibrations.

You could work, dear ones, with each chakra separately or could do it with the three of them together – as your intuition would suggest.

What’s important is to feel on physical level that your chakras have become lighter, more spacious, more rarefied – that they have changed their energy parameters.

And when it would happen, ask me to activate the Crystal of Love in your heart chakra to its complete power.

Pay attention to your feelings. Of course, they would be different for each of you, but most likely you would feel the warmth spreading inside it and quite strong pulsation.

And then imagine how the current of the Divine energy flowing from your Crystal of Love, starts to circulate between your heart chakra and your lower chakras, bathing each of these chakras and returning back.

In such a way, they create a unified energy space of the high energies, which source is your Crystal of Love.

You will experience very pleasant sensations of lightness and freedom, because it is precisely your lower chakras that pull you down to Earth literally or figuratively speaking.

You would feel like an air balloon, detaching from Earth and flying to Heavens.

Repeat this practice as often as possible, dear ones, and you would see what kind of changes will happen in your life.

As if by magic, you would start attracting people and events, which are capable of bringing you to the new level of being.

Fear and worry about the future would leave your life.

You would feel an inner freedom and feel yourselves as the creators of your own life.

That’s precisely how the Laws of the Universe, according to which you have already started to live, work.

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on March 25, 2018

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  1. Bellissimo articolo grazie


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