Our Mutual Ascension (Getting Acquainted with your Soul)

our-mutual-ascension-getting-acquainted-with-your-soulGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Thus, let’s continue our conversation about learning how to converse with your Soul.

Today I’ll give you one practice which would help you to make a “physical contact” with the Soul, which is important. And that is why.

Now, the channel of clairvoyance is opening among many of you. And as it has been said many times, the astral beings of very different levels attempt to use it; because they also take part in the process of the Earth Ascension, being part of the Earth – as the inhabitants of its subtle plane.

Many of them possess an information about the Ascension, and with a very sincere motivation, they are determined to share it with people. That’s why they tune in to those of you, who have an open channel of connection with the subtle world.

Depending on the purity of such a channel – the level of spirituality – they are attracting different beings – from the lowest to the highest.

Unfortunately, now only a very few people are able to receive messages from the Universal Beings of Light, who are higher than the higher astral level of Earth.

They are the people, whose consciousness have completely left the limits of the third dimension and whose vibrations are capable of “reaching”the vibrations of the Forces of Light, who stay, as a rule, above the fifth dimension.

Why do I remind you of that, dear ones?

As a matter of fact, the beings of the higher astral are unable to cause you harm, and they really want to help you.

But the true knowledge about your Soul is not accessible for them, because they cannot enter the “depository of data” for our Galaxy and the Universe.

They give us only general information and, as a rule, their language is too eloquent and excessive, repeating the same thing many times – so as a result, a person reading such a channeling, at the end does not remember what has been said in the beginning.

And to make their messages more credible, they cover themselves up with the names that are sacred for you – Father and Mother God, my name, and also the names of Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters…

And it is not as harmless as it seems, because people spend their precious minutes, hours and days for the endless “chewing” of the same thing, thinking that by doing that they are growing spiritually.

But, dear ones, true growth is only possible, when you PRACTICE the knowledge which you already possess abundantly, when you apply it every day, when it becomes your habit, your new way of life.

Therefore, the goal of my current messages is to teach you to live in the new reality, not falling back, and building your life according to the Laws of the Universe, and not the ones that has been imposed on you by the people.

But let’s return to that from where we started – how to feel that YOUR SOUL speaks with you, and not an impostor from the astral world.

For that, you need to sit in meditation and ask myself, Archangel Michael, your Heavenly helpers to protect you from the alien invasion.

Sit quietly until you feel the flow of Divine energy gently enfolding you and its warmth spreading through your body.

And only after that, call your Soul and ask her to give you a sign – physical, tangible, to let you know that it entered your body.

Everyone would feel it differently: as prickling sensation, light vibrations, sensations in the heart chakra, in the region of the third eye or crown chakra.

Someone would feel that it’s entering with the soft warm pulse as if penetrating your physical vehicle.

Someone would feel it stronger, someone weaker, but you would DEFINITELY feel that, because your Soul is waiting for you to hear her, so she could take the most active part in your life.

That’s why it would do anything to establish a contact with you.

We will stop here today.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on January 30, 2018

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