Our Mutual Ascension (Lead me, my Soul)

our-mutual-ascension-lead-me-my-soulGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today I’d like to tell you how to learn to hear your Soul – to talk with your Higher Self.

Now it becomes especially important, because you can make the last step, separating you from the Shift, only after merging with your Soul completely.

I’ll share with you my experience – how I’ve been able to do that, while incarnated in the body of Yeshua.

My merging with the Soul have happened during my stay in Agartha.

There the Priests have taught me how to unite with my Divine aspects, while being in the human body.

But it has been only the first step. I had to learn how to hear the guidance of my Higher Self, because the fulfillment of my mission on Earth could be accomplished only if my Soul would lead me through life and not my human consciousness.

But first, I’ll tell you about my feelings after I realized that my Soul have entered me and stayed in my physical body.

I’ve been feeling light, barely noticeable vibrations in my body, as if unseen ethereal twin took residence inside of me.

But not only, he have not interfered with me, but he filled me with the energies of such depth and power, which can be compared with Divine bliss, and they have spread through my entire body with pleasant warmth.

It seemed that along with my Soul, the Faith have entered me that from this moment nothing bad was going to happen to me, because my Divine particle also “incarnated” on Earth, merging with my physical body.

My life have taken a completely different meaning. I knew that now all my actions, all my thoughts would have a completely different substance, because now they would be “nourished” from another source – Divine source.

Of course, I have not sensed the presence of my Soul physically every minute.

While doing my everyday work, I deflected and have not thought about it.

But in a peaceful and quiet state, when I turned towards my Soul for advice, I immediately sensed familiar vibrations and blessed warmth.

The responses to my questions have come to me differently and sometimes unexpectedly.

Sometimes it has been a phrase, pronounced by someone “by chance” or an unexpected appearance of a person, who could help me exactly with what I needed at the current moment.

But more often, my Soul have inserted thoughts into my head, which definitely has not been mine. With time, I’ve learned to clearly separate my thoughts as a man from the thoughts of my Soul.

And I’ve understood that according to the following signs.

First of all, they would not be logical and expected, but very original and sometimes not fitting into accepted concepts and norms of life.

But they have always been based on Goodness and Love, and on the spiritual demands, both my own and of the people as a whole.

And even when my Soul have advised me how to find a solution for my material problems, I have seen that the final goal would be completely different – not practical, but spiritual in nature.

To support my words, let me give you an example.

After returning from my second trip to India, I had to think how to support my family, Mary Magdalene, and my mother, who by that time have become a widow.

And the Soul have offered a very interesting solution. I got a job in the rich home. They offered me to tend the garden and at the same time to teach the owner of the house the foundations of yoga, of which he have heard a lot and which I have mastered perfectly.

He proved to be a man with the views progressive for his times, and allowed me to conduct my first conversations with people in the same garden, where I have worked.

We will stop here now.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on January 29, 2018

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