Our Mutual Ascension (Executor of the Divine Laws)

our-mutual-ascension-executor-of-the-divine-lawsGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today I would like to continue our conversation about the causal body, revealing to you its another function.

Besides its “analytical abilities,” of which we have spoken in my previous message, it has another ability to accumulate within itself the energy, governing your thoughts and emotions.

And that’s what it means.

After your thoughts and emotions go through the causal body and undergo the energy “processing,” they return to the world, having already a different character – more organized and harmonized.

It happens because causal body by itself has much higher vibrations then emotional and mental, which has given it material for “processing.”

It is similar to adult person listening to a child, spilling out to adult all his problems and emotions, who then calmly and wisely puts everything in its places, explaining what has happened from the point of view of the Divine Laws.

But it happens only when a person has already crossed the line, separating him from the world of duality, and is ready to listen to truth, but not to what the Ego wants him to hear.

But for the people completely submerged into the three dimensional world, causal body serves as a “shield” protecting their buddhic and atmic bodies from the lower energies.

Lower vibrational thoughts and emotions of such people bounce like balls from the higher vibrational “wall” of the causal body, and return to these people as a mirror image.

That way, the causal body serves as the most immediate part in the fulfillment of the Divine Laws, “As within, so without” and “What you saw, that you’ll reap.”

It accumulates the energy of human thoughts and emotions and returns it in a stronger form.

It pertains to any energy, positive and negative.

Thus, the thoughts, filled with Goodness and Love, return Goodness and Love into the life of a person in the form of pleasant events, good people, great health and harmonious life.

But the thought, filled with anger and aggression, attracts the people and events of similar vibrations, making ones life even more difficult.

Therefore, we can call the causal body the main executor of the Divine Laws, accumulating the energy, radiated by a person, and then generating its flow outside.

Therefore, dear ones, it is so important to keep pure your mental and emotional bodies, because the purity of your causal body depends upon them.

As I have told you in my messages, everything is in your hands, because you are the Creators of your reality and are able to govern it with the power of your thoughts.

And if your thoughts are filled with Love – the most powerful of all the energies of the Universe – then you will have mastery over everything.

Always remember that, dear ones!

 Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 19, 2018.

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