Our Mutual Ascension (Emotional Body)

our-mutual-ascension-emotional-bodyGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Thus, let’s continue our conversation about learning how to regulate the energetic processes in your bodies.

And if in previous messages we have spoken about the energy components as a whole, now we’ll look at each of the bodies separately.

We’ll start with the emotional body, because it is the most vulnerable for the human beings. And that is why.

The emotional body takes upon itself the first impression of everything a person meets on his path, the first unconscious “impulse” of perception.

And then it follows through the chain – from mental to causal bodies, and sometimes to buddhic and atmic bodies, if it’s related to spiritual matters.

Thus, it’s an emotional body where the original “design” of the following energy movement to other energy bodies originates; and not only in your bodies, but in the bodies of the people with whom you associate.

It is a very complicated process, which is difficult to comprehend for a person of a three dimensional world, but I’ll try to explain it with very simple words.

For example, you meet a new person and he or she elicits your sympathy or antipathy.

Your emotional body reacts immediately with certain energy processes: molecules – particles would start to create a beautiful harmonious design, if you respond to a person with goodwill and love, or would start a chaotic movements if you reacted with fear and suspicion.

Then the thoughts would take over: “he is so pleasant” or “he is such an unpleasant person,” depending on one or another “design” that is already moving to the mental body.

After you start analyzing why you have liked or not liked a certain person, the connection between the cause and effect is created, and your causal body would take its turn.

Therefore, depending on a first impulse, from your very first reaction to what happens, the energy process in your subtle bodies is launched, harmonious or disharmonious.

And now imagine how many events and different meetings happen in the  life of every person during one day, not mentioning the weeks, months, years…

And all of them launch very different types of energies.

Try to realize what a tremendous blow it causes for a subtle body of a person, living in the world of duality in the third dimension.

Fortunately, the people who live exclusively in negative emotions like suicidal   are very rare, because in such cases a program of self – destruction is turning on, which on a physical level is expressed in numerous diseases.

Most often human emotions fluctuate depending on life circumstances, and it allows people to stay afloat.

But now the time has come, dear ones, when it is necessary to submit your emotions to your will, and you have everything you need for that.

You are starting to live according to the Laws of the Universe, which bring to the forefront subtle sensory organs, and your understanding of life events from a position of the Divine being.

The Higher Powers of the Universe “take under their wings” everyone, whose soul aspires to Light and Love, and they do everything to make sure you won’t stumble.

The assistance also comes from your Galactic family.

That’s why I believe that our mutual efforts would bring beautiful results.

But still, dear ones, the main work for self – improvement is your personal work, and it must be very thorough daily work.

But won’t you agree it is so pleasant to see its results – how fast your life is changing, the people around you, and most importantly yourself.

It is worth it, is not it true, dear ones?

 Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 12, 2018

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