Our Mutual Ascension (The Dance of Love)

our-mutual-ascension-the-dance-of-loveGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today’s message must become a certain milestone on your spiritual path, because I’ll explain you how to learn to take charge of your energy flows.

Imagine your body as a multilayered silhouette: a physical body surrounded by the multicolored layers of the ethereal, emotional, mental, causal, buddhic, and atmic bodies.

Each of them is filled with corresponding energies. And the further away is such a body from the physical one, the more rarified energies it contains.

They all stay in a perpetual motion. You can imagine them as molecules or particles, which stay very close or in a certain distance from each other, depending to which subtle body they belong to.

And because each of your bodies has the color of a corresponding chakra, all of them together look really amazing.

Try to realize how much more complex the human structure is from the energetic point of view, and how much this side of the human beings remains unexplored in the third dimensional world.

In most cases, you assume that everything that’s unseen for a human being, simply does not exist.

But in reality, it is precisely the energy field of a person which is the basis for his health and for the peace of his soul.

And the consciousness of a human being, who left the limits of three dimensional world, is capable of the energy processes not only in their subtle bodies, but in the bodies of the people around him.

Such consciousness is capable to harmonize the chaotic movement of the “molecules,” which is immediately reflected in the physical and psychic state of a person.

And today I’ll give you the first practice, which will be a beginning of such necessary and exciting work, which, I am sure, would excite you even more and more as you would see its results.

For that, you need to learn to quickly visualize all the bodies of a person and to see with your inner vision, in which of the bodies the movement of the “molecules” is the most disharmonious or chaotic.

In an ideal state it rarely happens, the “molecules” move in one rhythm and in a certain order, creating a specific unique design. And the more peaceful and blissful is the state of a person, the more beautiful and perfect is the design.

But if a person is in a state of anger, resentment or anxiety, the “molecules” start to rush, getting together into heaps, as if in a panic, looking for protection in each other.

It is exactly such heaps – densities that are seen by the healers, who work with the energies, who attempt to dissolve them.

But we will take another route. We will try to learn how to harmonize the energy currents by sending the Divine impulse through the power of our thoughts and the energy of Love.

You better start from yourself in order to understand where the disturbance have happened, where the Divine particles – “molecules” have stumbled, losing its rhythm and breaking the beautiful harmonious “dance” of Love.

And as soon as you would “see” and feel it, send them the powerful current of Love from your heart chakra.

And surely speak with your frightened particles!

Tell them that it happened by chance, that in the future you’ll be more careful and would not hurt them by your negative energies anymore, that you love them very much and will not cause them pain…

And then observe how joyfully they would resume their beautiful “dance” of Love, creating again their harmonious design.

We will stop here today.

 Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 11, 2018

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