Our Mutual Ascension (Causal Body)

our-mutual-ascension-causal-bodyGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today we’ll start talking about the next body – the causal one, which can be considered your “analytical center.”

It is precisely where your deductions and conclusions are made, as a result of your prolonged thinking, analyzing the facts and different reasons for the events that happened with you.

The Causal body “processes” the material, which is supplied by the mental body in the form of all kinds of thoughts and emotions that it carries.

Therefore, the purity of a causal body depends on the quality of your thoughts – its energy component.

As you can see, dear ones, in this case too you need to observe your thoughts and emotions, so you can send for “processing” to the causal body a pure higher vibrational “material.”

What could help you to do that?

 First and the most importan. Try to observe a chain of events that’s happening with you from the point of view of the Higher Divine Laws.

And then the results of your thinking would already have a completely different character – you would look at everything not with the eyes of a person of the three dimensional world, but with the higher consciousness of a person who lives in the fourth or even fifth dimension.

Second. Never seek the cause of your problems in another people, because just this thought already carries within it a judgment, and therefore is filled with the energies of three dimensional world.

Such judgment forms a chain causing accusations and aggression, which pulls you into the lower energies.

Third. Do not overdo it in another direction – do not blame yourself for all your problems, because the feeling of guilt is also the energy of lower vibrations, caused by living in duality, when there are always the ones who are right or wrong, guilty or not guilty, good or bad…

So how should you behave in the correct manner, not becoming entangled in your emotions and thoughts, caused by events that are happening with you?

Look at everything from the position of the observer, who studies life with curiosity, obtains new experiences – positive and negative, and is grateful for that because it enriches his life, filling it with meaning and content.

Never look back. Utilize your life experiences, but do not become submerged into your feelings, connected with pain and troubles.

Let them go! Do not allow them to settle in your subtle bodies and gradually destroy them, provoking sickness and psychological disturbances.

It is necessary to be able to part with heavy memories as easily as you part with the old garments, when they become to small for you or worn out with time.

You can imagine that you “throw off” yourself the difficult periods of your life as you throw off old dirty clothes, which you “burn” in the fire of Universal Love.

And then you dress yourself with pure Divine garments, which fills your subtle bodies with Light and Love.

And you shine so brightly, that your Light fills all the Earth, Galaxy, and Universe.

Try to do, dear ones, this simple but very powerful practice.

 Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 18, 2018.

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