WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Triple protection)

window-on-new-world-triple-protectionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to offer you one more practice that will help you “pluck up your Spirit” at the moment of greatest danger or while receiving tragic news.

It requires more experience which means that it can be used only by those whose conscience has already advanced to quite a high level of vibrations – at least that of the fourth dimension.

We will call it “Triple protection”.

And the practice is in that having found yourself in a stressful situation to catch the very first moment when your psyche becomes more vulnerable so as to use the moment as efficiently as possible.

Your task is to protect your conscience from the energy of Fear before it starts its ruinous action.

You already know that it is Fear that all kinds of negative emotions are based on and, consequently, to avoid their manifestation it is necessary to eliminate the source that nourishes them.

And the way Fear intrudes into the energy space of a person is especially vehement at the moment when a stressful situation arises when they are helpless in the face of sorrow or danger.

But if you remember about them in time knowing your “enemy” by sight, it will be easier for you to neutralize it.

Why have I mentioned that this practice is not within everyone’s depth?

Before all, the reason is that the overwhelming majority of people act in compliance with subconscious automatic reactions that have been trained in them for centuries.

That is why at the critical moments of their life Fear makes them literally paralyzed, which actually allows a whole horde of astral beings that feed on human pain and sorrow to invade their energy space.

And then it is them, not the person themselves, who control all their thoughts, emotions and actions that follow.

This is exactly the reason for general panic that can consume a crowd almost instantaneously: this is the way the feast of astral beings shows who have gathered for the energy of fear that seized people.

But the one who can realize this and neutralize the unwelcomed “guest” in good time, becomes free in one’s emotions, thoughts and actions that follow.

It is extremely important to invoke the Forces of Light for help since their support at the crucial moments of your life is invaluable indeed.

Your Heavenly defenders are always by your side and if you address them directly, their help turns many times as efficient thanks to the fact that by your call you establish an energy link between you.

Now we will come back to the practice itself.

At the moment of the greatest danger or stress invoke your dear Heavenly patrons and then get all your attention concentrated on the heart chakra – your Crystal of Love.

In thoughts ask it to fill all your energy space with its rainbow Divine energy.

Feel the infeed of this energy that will begin to run warm all through your body.

And after that settle an energy shield of the Flame of Universe Love at yourself with mirror-like external surface.

Thereby, you will get triple protection: external – that by your Heavenly patrons from the subtle level, internal – your own that originates from your heart centre and subtle material one that is produced by your thoughtform.

The protection like this cannot be broken by any negative emotion, which will save your Soul from by far the most powerful emotional shock, and your Mind will this time act not in panic, recklessly, under the influence of the energy of Fear but calmly and heedfully – assisted by the Forces of Light and your own Spirit that has become stronger.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 3, 2023.

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