WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Impediments on way to healing)

window-on-new-world-impediments-on-way-to-healingGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the causes that prevent you from making the desired come true: to heal your body or even restore a lost organ or body part.

The main cause is, without doubt, that people lack faith in such “wonders” that are actually not the ones.

The knowledge of unlimited opportunities of man has been concealed from them for such a long time that in human subconscience there has become well fixed the statement about aging and related diseases being unavoidable.

As a result of this, by power of thought and intention one has been programming oneself for this now, not for a happy long life.

One has put up with one’s lot being unaware of the fact that such programmes were instilled in one artificially.

Meanwhile, even collective human conscience began to influence age limits having absorbed the thoughtforms of millions of people who are connected to it.

The second cause is one’s inability to control one’s thoughts and emotions.

The majority of people live mindlessly getting literally drowned in the unceasing flow of thoughts and emotions that follow each other in chaos and are, most often, negative ones, unfortunately.

Some people do not restrain themselves and outburst them, while others – well-brought-up ones – keep them inside.

But because of this the negative energies aroused by such thoughts and emotions do not vanish, anyway, remaining in the energy space of this person and sometimes even ruining their physical body faster since not finding an escape from the “dungeon” they, like rust, corrode their body from within.

And as soon as all diseases originate exactly from the inability of people to control their thoughts, emotions and actions, gradually humanity has degraded to the extent it has “bred” an endless list of various illnesses that reduce human life expectancy significantly.

The third cause is the common belief and habit to listen to others more than to oneself.

For millennia people have been deliberately trained to enhance the “gregarious instinct”.

As a result, few took courage to become “a white crow” and “go against the tide”.

Most often the crucial part in making a decision in respect of one’s health has been played by “expert” opinions of doctors or scientists, advice of relatives and friends, national traditions and religious rites – in a word, anything by the voice of one’s Soul and body’s needs.

The fourth cause is impatience and the desire to get an immediate result.

Few are capable of working at their body regularly and persistently for many months and sometimes years.

Unfortunately, because of its low vibrations the world of the third dimension, including human physical bodies, is so “dense” that one’s thoughtform has to make a long journey to “break through” it.

It concerns both human conscience change and influence on human physical body.

Even people of pure Souls and strong in terms of energy have to make a lot of efforts to change their worldview and get rid of diseases.

Therefore, time and patience are one of the main factors of success in this case.

And the fifth factor is inability to make life proprieties getting concentrated on the main things and rejecting everything alien and irrelevant.

It concerns people, habits, possessions and, generally speaking, everything that makes up your life.

Well, what are the main things for a person?

Before all, they are their Soul and body.

Keeping them fit in all respects, you will be able to do as much good as possible to the people around you, too.

Only by your own example you will manage to awake others that will want to be like you and live a happy full life.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 18, 2023.

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