WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (“Miracles” become reality)

window-on-new-world-miracles-become-realityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message, now we will consider in more detail each of the causes enumerated in it that interfere with the success of your work on the physical body.

And we will start with your disbelief in miracles of healing.

It seems to many of you that even if such wonders happen to other people, they turn out rare exceptions to the rules, not a usual phenomenon typical of anyone at all.

Well, how can you overcome such a pattern that has already got firmly fixed in your conscience?

There is only one way – to reprogramme it for another one.

And this is how you can do this.

You already know that since the year 2012 and even earlier the energy profile of the planet has started to change swiftly.

Earth is getting filled with quite distinct energies this time and their vibrations influence not only human conscience but their physical bodies, too.

As a result, your conscience is growing extended, while your physical bodies are growing rarefied.

And it means that now the initial conditions of your work at spiritual self-improvement and self-healing are changing.

And although it is not the Fifth dimension yet but it is a borderline one now, which opens enormous opportunities in all the spheres of your life including the work on the physical body.

Nowadays the “wonders” that used to seem hardly achievable to you become quite realistic for you.

Moreover, as long as the energies of increasingly high vibrations are arriving at Earth, there becomes thinner the veil between the third dimension world and other worlds where disembodied beings of Light live including your Galaxy brothers and sisters.

It is quite possible for you to communicate them already.

Even those of you who cannot establish a telepathic contact with them can interact with them in terms of energy.

And I know that many of you already do it.

Invoking the representatives of the Forces of Light and your Galaxy family for your meditations and energy séances you feel their presence, feel the energies they send you pointwise, too – to the spots and organs of your body that need healing.

Isn’t it a miracle, my dear?

Could you believe just some years ago that such things would happen to you?

Therefore, based on your new opportunities that you are getting more and more access to with every single day, try to reprogramme your conscience making use of the following statement:

 “I can heal my body myself having assured a complete renewal of its cells and thereby having restored the performance of all its organs and vitals till the ideal condition.

I am the Creator of my reality both spiritual and physical one.

I feel the support of the Forces of Light and my Star family that are always there for me in all my initiatives”.

Of course, you can choose any other statement to your Soul’s liking but try to preserve the main idea of the said above.

And then get down to work on your body making use of the numerous practices that you have been provided with for these years.

Pick up those of them that you feel more keenly and that are easier for you to do than the others.

You can invent your own practices as well: the main thing is for you to feel and see the results of your work.

Work wonders, my dear, and do not hesitate even for a minute that you will succeed in everything!

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 19, 2023.

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