transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-always-togetherGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will continue speaking about Twin flames existing in the same dimension but this time we will discuss the case of those who failed to meet and reunite, for example, on Earth.

How does their energy interaction occur, for in spite of the fact they did not manage to meet they do not stop being one whole – “communicating vessels”?

Since there are no boundaries for energy, the energies of Twin flames influence each other just the same way as during physical contact.

But in this case it is more difficult for them to trace the cause of the changes happening to them because they mirror one another blindfold.

Nevertheless, these changes still occur.

Let us have some case study.

Suppose, two halves of the One Soul have incarnated in different countries or in one country but far from each other.

Besides, they can differ greatly in age, education or social status.

In other words, before getting embodied they chose quite different conditions of gaining life experience on Earth.

And this is rather often the case.

They are not destined to meet at the physical level during this incarnation but at the subtle level there take place the energy interaction processes that are absolutely the same as if they were physically close by.

And the difference is that their shortcomings are mirrored by other people – their nearest and dearest, friends and colleagues.

They are the people who “brush up” Twin flames helping them to realize all their weak points and live through the experience required at this moment.

It occurs due to the fact that at the subtle level the opposite qualities of the “twins’” characters collide, intermingle and end up with an averaged and later on harmonized level of existence, just the same way as it happens in case with the Twin flames living together.

In other words, at the subtle level they communicate just the very same way as they would if they were next to each other and “wore” physical bodies.

And this parallel life that goes on at the subtle level of existence is even more important for them than the one they have at the physical level.

It is there where the most valuable grains of life experience that they get on Earth become crystallized, and they will later be contributed to their common spiritual treasury.

Such invisible mutual spiritual assistance is of great importance since it helps to live a happier life for both the halves, raising up till the mark the female and male side in each of them fine polishing their feminine and masculine facets and smoothing over all the sharp character differences in their shared energy space where despite distance these Twin flames exist.

I tell you about this in such details, my dear, to let you understand what complex energy processes invisible to you take place at the subtle level of each of you, and that sometimes they influence you to a more considerable extent than visually apparent events of your life.

Their influence on your intuition development is as significant, on the one supplied with both the external high vibration energies coming on Earth now and with the energies of your Twin flames as well.

You are never alone. Remember about this and always ask your halves for help, and at the subtle level they will ALWAYS hear you.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 26, 2019.

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