step-by-step-making-victory-closerGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to digress from our current topic and talk about the “burning” issue that, as I see, is increasingly upsetting your spiritual peace of mind.

And I would like to explain to you why even the world leaders that you considered to be anti-globalists and defenders of humanity sometimes behave as if they are acting in the same vein with the protégés of the deep state.

I see that it makes a lot of people perplexed and even desperate: it seems to them that ground shatters under their feet and there is no hope for the situation to change for the better now.

As a matter of fact, everything is really not as easy as it may seem because too deep have penetrated the “pulpi” of globalists in the higher echelons of power in the overwhelming majority of the countries.

They have been working at it for decades therefore to identify their protégés and purify state organizations from them promptly is not only complicated but dangerous, too.

The thing is that esprit de corps holds sway over there that is based on blackmail and sometimes on blood, too.

I have told you more than once that these people are afraid of their bosses more than public anger.

Sometimes they are more likely to commit a suicide rather than to disobey their order.

Yet, Disclosure is getting in scale, anyway.

You are getting the evidence of the crimes committed by globalists’ protégés who have been instilled into power institutions being brought to light.

Unfortunately, it is evident not to everyone so far but only to those who is concerned about the future of their countries and that of the world in general and therefore get information about the current events on Earth and those who control them not from the mainstream but alternative sources of information where honest and independent people are disclosing globalists’ plans proved by facts and documents.

As for the countries’ heads and governments that have managed to withstand the attack of blackmail and threatening, they have to act very cautiously so as not to do any harm either to themselves or their nation.

Too dangerous and unpredictable the enemies are especially now when Earth is moving to another dimension, with them being out of place there.

So as to prevent economic chaos and moral shock that can seize the average man if all the truth about these horrible creatures that have been controlling humanity for so long is suddenly brought down on them, independent countries’ heads have to act slowly and cautiously thinking over every step and considering all the pros and cons of any decision.

Sometimes, so as to avoid conflicts and desperate actions for the part of the enemy, these people have to play according to the opponent’s rules so as to lull their vigilance and conceal their true intentions.

But such tactics – “one step forward and two steps back” – provoke low spirits in many of you, as well as perplexity and disappointment with the people you confided in.

That is why, please, my dear, do not be strict to those who are walking on the razor’s edge every day sometimes putting their life at risk to gain a victory over external and internal enemies who would never surrender without a fight – too gross and deep their crimes are to be revealed.

Switch over your depression and criticism in respect of those you confided in to another energy “wave”: send them all your Love and Gratitude and imagine as often as possible that the Forces of Dark at all the levels of power in all the countries of the world are already defeated.

Visualize the picture of the new Earth of the Fifth dimension, fill it with the Energy of Ascension letting it pass through your crown chakra.

These are the best things you can do now to make the long-awaited victory of the Forces of Light on your planet closer.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 17, 2023.

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