WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Unique opportunity to get rid of unwelcomed neighbour)

window-on-new-world-unique-opportunity-to-get-rid-of-unwelcomed-neighbourGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, today we will talk about the opportunities a pure human Soul gets at present when Earth’s vibrations are increasing more and more every single day.

And at issue will mainly be Divine “seeds” – the souls that have come to your planet to gain the experience of Ascension in their physical body.

It is them who make up the major part of the revived that not only oppose globalists’ plans on annihilation of humanity but also help others revive, the ones potentially ready for this.

Among them there are also those who have chosen the hardest possible experience of “cohabitation” with another – low vibration – soul in one body.

And the main task for these people is to manage to get rid quite promptly of the other soul that will prevent such a person from moving to the Fifth dimension.

The experience thus unique is chosen by the oldest and most mature souls.

Yet, to be successful or achieve the goal they were born for, to be exact, such people should make huge progress in their spiritual development indeed.

So far few in your society know about existence of two souls in one body since humanity has never been provided with such information before.

At most there was information about instilled lodgers, possession, split personality but the fact that in one body there can get on two souls is hardly possible to accept by the conscience of an average person.

Nevertheless, I know that some of you have managed to feel the presence of “a stranger” in their life.

It can show in different ways but most often it is them who urge you to act mindlessly and take actions untypical of you – those that your Divine Soul would never have taken.

How can you identify that they are “the tricks” of your second low vibration soul and not the consequences of your character, mood or lifestyle?

First of all, by the manner of influence on you – persistent and systematic one.

You can feel that someone invisible is constantly trying to impose their rules of the game on you: certain programmes and behaviour patterns.

And no matter how hard you oppose, over and over again you behave just like this – in compliance with these programmes.

And it happens because you are influenced not only by your second soul but also the collective conscience it belongs to.

Most often it shows in the fact that of top priority for you are becoming merely material practical things all the time though your Divine Soul is striving for something quite distinct.

As a result, you have the impression that you do a lot of things against your will – because it must be done, it is established this way, it is fashionable.

As a matter of fact, this is the way the programmes of low vibration civilizations collective consciences work that are gradually instilled in you by your second soul.

This is the reason why an individual so often lives somebody else’s life or, to be exact, not the one that was planned by their pure Divine Soul before the birth but the one that was imposed on them by their second soul – low vibration one.

Yet, nowadays, with the arrival of the Fifth dimension energies on Earth such people get a unique opportunity to get rid of the unwelcomed neighbour.

And the most efficient method to do so is to increase one’s vibrations.

But it is of extreme importance to maintain this level all the time and not only during practices and meditations – only then the low vibration soul will not be able to exist in the energy space of thus high vibrations.

And the most valuable thing in this is that even the individual having no idea of their featuring the second soul can undeliberately get rid of this “ballast” preventing them from moving to the Fifth dimension with Earth.

Now it is being facilitated by Earth herself, too that is sharing her new high vibration energy with you.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 28, 2023.

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