WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Twice vampire)

window-on-new-world-twice-vampireGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the cases when in one person’s body there get on two souls that belong to low vibration civilizations: for example, when a reptiloid soul is a neighbour to a soul of Alpha Centauri or Orion.

As a matter of fact, it happens quite rarely since any soul irrespective of what level it came to Earth strives for development.

And such development for the representatives of low vibration civilizations is actually facilitated by the neighbourhood of a pure Divine Soul.

Despite the fact that it itself being side by side with such a soul retards its evolution, still, at the same time it gains the experience of Love and Sympathy new to it that it is deprived of because of its origin but that is typical of a Divine Soul.

Well, what happens in case when a person is born not only with a reptiloid or Orion soul but also such soul is by will’s will finds itself “neighbouring” to another low vibration soul in one body?

Then such a person, being deprived of the opportunity to get nourishment from a pure source of a Divine Soul by its side – in one energy space – turns into by far the most powerful energy vampire.

Choking with the negative energies that overflow them and are generated by both the souls, they start searching for new sources of nourishment and literally stick fast to people of pure souls.

They use their innate purity, kindness, charity and sympathy demanding unceasing attention towards themselves, making complains of life, health, destiny and people around.

Meanwhile, they do not feel any Love or Gratitude to their benefactors since they are deprived of these qualities due to their “low origin”.

You are likely to have come across such relationships between people: when one person literally devotes their life to another one forgetting about themselves but in return the latter just “bites the hand that feeds them”.

It is, actually, a glaring example of interaction between a pure human Soul and an individual that not only lacks a Divine particle but also possesses two low vibration souls, which amplifies their energy vampirism manifold.

It shows especially apparently when both the persons are one family members and they have no opportunity to break the vicious ties.

Recall the expression “One does not choose one’s parents”.

They are actually chosen before the birth for the purpose of living through by far the most difficult experience of life in the third dimension world.

Not everyone turns out to cope with this.

So numerous are pure human souls that energy vampires like these “have hounded to death” in the very direct meaning of the word!

And it happened because beyond them turned out the load that they had taken on themselves trying to please those for whom their sacrifice was nothing else but desired energy “food” that helped them not get choked in their own low vibration energies.

As a rule, after one “donor” leaves, energy vampires start looking for another one among the family members or friends and relatives.

Therefore, my dear, be very attentive in terms of the people around you including the closest ones.

Try to understand what drives them in their thought and actions in your respect.

Do not let them manipulate your conscience or deprive you of the life energy that you are in such need of yourselves now at this crucial and determining moment of transition to the Fifth dimension.

Do not feel guilty in respect of those who simply use you as “a tool” for their own survival.

Take care of your Divine Soul – the most valuable thing that you have.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 30, 2023.

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